Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wheeeeeeee, It's Here

I love me some good ol' summertime now. Don't misunderstand. I would love it a tad bit more if it were 82 degrees instead of 95, but still.
The mean rooster bid us a sad farewell on Sunday. It is so nice to be able to take care of chicken business without Caillou, Handy Man or Arwen having to stand sentry. Our little chickie babies are growing and entertaining us daily. Each morning we move them out to the chicken tractor. I bring them worms-hysterical, wood sorrel and oats and yogurt. Caillou and my big girls are jealous and have to come poking around, even though I fed them a treat first-rotten chickens. I'm actually glad for that, as it acquaints them with the new kids on the block a bit more.
I was able to get all my corn planted in the down garden and Handy Man got his planted in the up garden. We've toted seven wheelbarrows full of mulch to various flowering spots in the yard. Finally, Handy Man was able to till the rest of both gardens, so I'll get in a few more things that I'm not likely to harvest until September, but we'll enjoy it when it comes.
I picked a bag of lettuce this evening and enjoyed a delicious supper of pan seared salmon with mango salsa, pan seared asparagus and a yummy salad- so very summery!
I sorted through all my gramerling shoes and clothes to be sure I have a few changes for everyone. Mostly, I stick them in a play swimsuit as soon as they get here. They don't seem to mind a wet swimsuit and dry quickly.
I loaded the playdate basket with old towels, wash cloth, wipes, diapers, white tee shirts (the other go-to outfit for play), bug stuff, bandaids and blankies. I laid out items for play next Tuesday including my favorite fairy book, When the Root Children Wake Up, items for creating our own root children, and of course some edible fairy dust.
Yes, it's feeling like summer to me.
What makes it feel like summer to you?


  1. We hit 100 yesterday, so, yes, it feels like summer! But it won't really feel like summer until the grands get to come play without worrying about school schedules!

  2. It had been feeling like summer here for weeks now, but for the past two days, I've had to resolve to go back to wearing socks and shoes instead of sandals if I didn't want to freeze my toes off! My, my! The weather seems to be strange this year!

  3. Love having no schedules.
    Love my sandals, but it's a bit too warm for June to my way of thinking.

  4. I love the long summer days here in Michigan. It's daylight by 6:00 and the sun doesn't set until after 9:00. Of course, winters are the opposite. I'm very solar powered, so this is my time of year!!