Friday, June 17, 2011

Farm Living is the Life for Me

Okay, so this is the last playdate post.
Just a last peek at a glorious day. We all had so much fun!
I always wonder how much about playdates the kids will remember.
Syddie said, "This is a farm." Well, not quite, but it might give you an idea of the way raising animals works. Ms. Shel MaBelle was much braver aroundthe critters this week.
You know on a farm you have to have lots of tractors. Ol' Henry has loved tractors since he hatched out. Drummer Boy had a tractor I saved. It's the one in the very front. That has always been the go-to tractor on playdate. I have two sweet friends who are big into yard sales and keep me supplied with tractors. Baby Boy joined the tractor play.

BJ thought he would play awhile too.
Tractors aren't just for grandboys. I love this picture of Miss Bugg, totally absorbed in her play. Isn't dirt an awesome thing?
When the tractor work is done, time to take care of the livestock.

My goodness, girls with curls and chickie girls galore!

Ms. Shel wasn't even intimidated by the rooster.
Well, as usual, Big Al surrounded by a clutch of girls.

Remember those rare eggs I hatched five weeks ago? There they are.
Oh, sweet Merry Thumper.

Before heading home Buttercup asked, "Can I pick the eggs?" In the coop, doing some egg picking. She wanted to keep the eggs she picked, so she did.
Pappy has to spend a minute with his boys before they head home.
No, it didn't blow up a big storm and hail. Auntie SuZQ brought marshmallow shooters and shoot they did. Well, most playdaters were pinging tiniest softies off their cousins, Antebellie was consuming the puff balls at an alarming rate. Alas, that happens when they are so busy, everyone forgets snacks. The best playdate ever and it only took five days to get it all told.

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