Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kiss the Babies as They Sail By

Jane Roman Pitt Midnight Lullaby
I was so excited to get this CD in the mail today. Don't you love the picture. I think it is inviting, but the sweetness on the back is even better-looking through the window at a mom, or grandma with her little lovie.
I understand that Jane Roman Pitt is a grandma herself and made this CD with her little ones in mind. The gentle strumming guitar welcomed me to pause and listen. Such softness and love in every lullaby. La Moora tells of beautiful mermaids who kiss the babies as they sail by on their way to rest. Ahh, how much we love kissing our babies around here. I couldn't believe she did a rendition of one of Bob Dylan's tunes, Forever Young. I was so surprised, as I'm a big fan of his, but have somehow missed this song. It is really a song of blessing. In addition to kissing, I'm a big believer in blessing my little gramerlings. This grandma sings it so beautifully, I felt blessed myself. It is certainly a little tune I'd love to ring in my wee ones ears for many years.
I know what will send the gramerlings to dreamland when they are spending the night from now on.
Today was a practically perfect in every way Playdate. I'll likely be posting pictures everyday, but for now, this exhausted Gramerly is going to let Jane Roman Pitt send me off to sleep.

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  1. I am going to search for this. I love the picture. I love description and I love Bob Dylan. I am familiar with Forever Young, but not as a lullaby. When my grandson was little, I used to love to rock him to James Taylor's "Swseet Baby James".