Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Newest Lovies

More boys to love-Peregrin Took Nosey and Meriadoc Brandybuck Thumper, to be known as Pippin and Merry. They are getting used to a new place and more contact with people.

A funny story already. Their inside cage ( HareRaising Condo) has two floors basically, one a little higher up than the other. The high one being right inside the door, where I put them first. They looked and sniffed at the lower floor, but wouldn't jump down there, so I sat them down there to show them it was cool. Well, then they liked that part better and would hardly come to the up part.
Their previous owner said they like to fed the same time everyday and are rather temperamental. This made me chuckle, I mean what are they going to do, picket, pass a petition, start a facebook page, what?
Anyways, I fed them two little dishes of 1/2 cup pellets each and put it in the back corner of the up floor, close to their water at 8:30 Sunday night. I was surprised to find over half of it still there Monday morning. Monday night, I had bible study and checked them at 6, still food in the bowl, though less.
Anyway, I didn't get back to them until 10. Both were on the top part, side by side, noses pointed toward the door and me, with two empty food bowls moved in front of them and between me and the door. Crack Up!!
I've been looking for sometime. Handy Man presented me with nice hutch and all the accoutrements as an Easter surprise. I didn't really want to get them until summer, so I could spend a lot of time acclimating them to us. I plan to take them back to school with me when I go.
First, I went to the Rescue Rabbit site and hoped to save a bunny, but the contact person turned out to be a little to difficult to contact. In the meantime, I found these two fellas, and who could resist those whiskery, twitchy wee noses? Not me, or Handy Man either.
I let the playdaters look and pet, but I thought it best to let the boys get used to their space before I let them out in the play yard with my little cherubs. Tomorrow they meet Arwen and the Chickie Girls.
A new adventure everyday! Good Times


  1. Hello there

    Thnk you for popping by my blog..your bunnies are too cute. I used to own 17 angora rabbits and what fun that was..

    A happy day to you

  2. The children will love them! I used to have a bunny named Daisy who loved red apples -- just couldn't wear red polish around her or she would try to nibble on your nails! I look forward to lots more pics!

  3. I considered an angora bunny, but didn't find any close by.
    Oh, Daisy and red apples-sweet.