Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Usually we kick off the summer with shirt painting. Today we tye-dyed, the easy way, with permanent markers. The kids did a great job!
Miss Raina's is lovely.
Even the grown -up cousins , Big Al and Shelby got in on the fun. The little kids love them.
Playdates always wear me out. This insufferable heat and humidity did not help at all. Well, perhaps insufferable is incorrect as we did get through it and had some fun too, but it was warm and close out there today.

Ahhh, baby Gideon's first playdate.

He thinks his Gramerly is cute and fun and that's all. He was pretty taken by all the short people activity. Gardener E even brought Fiona puppy to join the frolic and fun.

Well, you can only stand the heat so long before you head to the hog wallow.
What do you mean we have to get out!
Do you have any idea how much rinsing it takes to get that off?
Well, after much ado about mud and water, they were ready for their story and snack. I read to them about the root children and turned them loose with petals, pipe cleaners and beads to create their own root children!

Then Fairy Godmother SZQ changed their ziploc bags of sand to edible fairy dust with her special powders and powers. A lollipop was used to indulge in the yummy sweet stuff.

Oh, such sweet boys BJ and Gideon with their mamas.
Wrap up the afternoon with a chickie baby visit. They need lots of treats you know.
Then one last popsicle before hitting the road.
So ends the first playdate of summer 2011. 13 kidlets, one pooch and lots of big folk!


  1. The tee shirts, the babies, the mud bath!!! and the root babies. What a cute post and what a good time they must have had!

  2. 13 Kidlets? It is no wonder you are exhausted after a play date. It sure looks like they all had a blast. Love the mud!!!

  3. Ah, I think all childhoods should include at least one afternoon in the mud like that. Fun photo. :-)