Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

I love a lot of things about Playdate. I love that cousins and friends of all ages can find a common area of play to engage in. This is the fifth year for summer Playdate. I can't say I ever really dwell on it, but now and again, it crosses my mind, "How old is too old for Playdate?" I figured there would come a day video games, other friends, interest in the opposite sex, or whatever would put an end to playing at my house. Whaaaaaaaa. Well, I'm starting to think it won't be anytime soon. I'm surprised that the original Playdaters are already taking on the role of helpers. Today Bean brought books to share at snack time, again spent a good deal of time swinging Miss Linee, then drove the jeeps and trucks in the rain back to their parking spot and covered them up until next week. Not what I expected from a six year old, but I surely loved it.

When Miss Linee was ready to move onto other play, Bean returned to my grand boy, ever in need of a long trip in the blue dolphin and a Civil War story. We were interrupted by a Girl with Pearls, who happened upon a treasure-a tiniest inch worm and needed to share it with Gramerly and Bean. Then of course we had to find it a home, and some friends, etc.

Their favorite thing to paint is they wee selves, and paint they did. Ol' Mother Hubbard's were still slapping it on over at the art easel.

Ms. Shel MaBelle was a bit shy the first week, not having been here since she was about 4. Now, she could run the Playdate-helping me with snacks, kidlet watching, animals, etc. Since Big Al left for a warmer clime, oh wait, is there a warmer climate then what we're experiencing? Well, an ocean view at least, Shel brought her brother and a friend, all a great help and joy to spend the afternoon with. And-ee and An-ee have spent a lot more time with kidlets, so were doing their usual of being ordered about by the youngest ones-God bless and love their faithful hearts.

Then it started to rain, then thunder, then lightning. Umm, what to do with 19 people, age 2 months to 60 plus for an outdoor Playdate when a storm settles in? Stay tuned.

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