Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Bubble Ballet

Sit back and be smitten by BiG Al at the Bubble Ballet.

I love this grandboy of SueZQ's. Entertaining poopies comes as natural to him as breathing. I can only imagine what a great dad he will be. I have so enjoyed him and his cousin Ms.Shel Mabelle at our weekly playdates. This is a rather ridiculous amount of pictures, but which one would I leave out?

In the middle of bubble blowing, Big Al broke into his ballet routine. Loved that he is wearing my fire-engine red back to school crocs.

First the deep bend for dipping.

Next come the hop and spin. It was was lovely.

When he stuck his face in the bubbles, my teacher persona was tempted to scold. I knew he knew what he was doing, but he had amassed quite a little following of fans in two weeks and I wasn't in love with the notion of fixing a crop of crying girls with a mouthful of bubbles. Fortunately, most all were to content to continue to watch and be amazed at his antics.

Pop goes the bubble.
I've made bubbles with dozens of people. It is always so interesting to me to watch. Some kiddos are never very successful with the homemade bubble makers, while others can make some bubble magic.
Time to get down to business. I'm wondering here if a bubble popped in Miss Bugg's ( alias Popeye's) eye.

Bean would get frustrated and go back to his old stand-by, his own hands. Then he'd try again and ended up with some nice bubbles.
Nikko was the bubble king.
Bugg had a harder time, but she stayed at it till she was producing some fine bubbles. I love four year olds. She wanted to help me make the bubbles. As we were stirring she inquired, "When do you put all the colors in?" Teaching moment.
See Missy Bugg, I told you the colors would be there.
Syddie worked hard too and was impressing me with some biggo bubbles.
An-dee is back to help this summer and I absolutely love this picture of her-so joyfull.

What did I tell you?
Buttercup and Rae-rae are admiring the show and applauding all the beautiful colorful bubbles.

Wow, it was such a fun playdate. Stay tuned for creek, and chickie pictures as well as a report on the marshmallow wars.


  1. Not to many pictures! What fun!

  2. I love this post! what a great day it was for you guys. Big Al is too sweet. I wish I hadn't had pictures and could have stayed!