Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Tale of Two Teenagers

When my chicklets come for Playdate, I want them to have a lot of freedom of play, lots of choices, lots of good times, hugs and kisses that abound.  As much as I'd like to be SuperGramerly, I'm not, so we enlist some help.  Back in the day we were blessed with  our friend Kate, and various students I would invite to join us,  then another of Ol' Mother Hubbard's neighbors came and became an ever present additional pair of hands on Playdates.
Anna Laura was young when she first started coming, but I noticed right away that she had that special gift with children that  made her presence priceless.
 Never loud, never pushy, just right there, to straw a juice box, apply some more insect repellent, run through the woods, hold the tadfrog, kiss the boo-boo, wrangle a chicken, snuggle whichever one was in need.
 I was amazed then and still, that throughout Playdate, I never, ever heard a harsh word, never noted that fatigue was settling in, just right with my people, doing whatever my people wanted to do.  A prize I tell you!
I thought for sure I would see a different side of this angel girl when I got the bright idea to haul Playdate to the beach for  two ( oh, yea, dreaming, crazy person that I am), count them, two weeks a couple of summers ago.  Along came our brave and fearless Playdate sidekick.
  For two weeks, she was exactly the same.  Never was she on her phone or laptop when wee folk were awake. Never did she spend more than the minimum of time in the shower. Never did I have to pick up for her as well, when making rounds.  Never was there a need to adjust the menu, or the activities on her account. Never in two full weeks.  I was then, and am still amazed and thankful for her devotion to these precious ones.
 The only problem, she was successful in every last one of them, now including my little  Giddy-Up, believing that they are her very favorite and wanting more of her attention then anyone person can give that many wee folk.
What a talent!!  We love Anna Laura.

To me, this so captures who she is. For those of us looking on, it doesn't appear that there's anything in front of them to grab attention, but she is in tune with whatever it is Swee-Tee and Baby Boy were wanting her to engage in, and as usual, she makes room for both.  Heart squeeze!

Back in day, when I had three teenagers, all at once, for many years, a wonderful young woman joined me on that journey- laughed with me, cried with me, pastored and ministered to my children and me as their youth leader and my friend.   Mine grew up and she married and soon  had a boy of her own.  I was there when he was born and captured the first picture of a tiny, beautiful baby.  It was an unbelievable turn of events that allowed her to be my teaching assistant last year. Well, Arie didn't stay little for long and this year was wanting a bit of a summer job, so I invited him to be my Playdate helper.  How fun to watch him with this next generation of week folk.  He made it his business to convince Giddy-Up that he was a perfect guy for whatever adventures Giddy-up could contrive.

His patience even won over my little Brown Eyed Button, who doesn't much care to get too far from her Mama.

He was willing to dig worm after worm for her entertainment until she too came to see him as a friend.
I have had my share of experiences with rude, obnoxious teens, too caught up in whatever was going on with their hand held device to know I existed.  How wonderful to spend my summer with two teens that were engaged, interested, kind, respectful, loving and just generally a joy.  What a blessing!


  1. This post is too sweet. I hope they both know how much we all love them!

  2. And what a joy to read a blog that consistently focuses on the best in people rather than the worst!

  3. Susan is right, you always focus on the good things in people and it does seem you have been blessed to have some good ones surrounding you. There is hope for the future!