Friday, July 26, 2013

Playdate, Oh Playdate

Wow, weather perfection for our last all day Playdate- sunny, breezy, cool, wonderful.  Let's just say it was a very full and busy day of fun and visiting.  If I counted correctly, I believe there were thirty six of us participating in the end of Gramerly's summer festivities.  Often over the course of the summer, I'll have some friends stop in that want to see the kidlets and four came by yesterday.

Since Aunt SuZQ was all finished with the "Big C" business, she brought Aunt Lois and her great-greats and Auntie G-Lou brought Mom.

  Ceece's sister blew in with a new little Westerly Wind for me to smooch, so ages ranged from four weeks to ninety three years- love it! We're so thrilled that little mister is here all safe and sound.
Of course, no smooching for me till Bean had his turn.

Lots of crafting, creeking, and eating.
Mr. Giddy-up arrived first and wanted to spend some time with his rocks and dump truck in the driveway.  As soon as we ventured inside, he spied the stack of birthday cupcakes.  Earlier in the week, I had visited our local cake decorating store to find the anise oil for the bees.  I knew I was making cupcakes, to celebrate Bean's birthday, so tried to find a little something to go on the top.
Bean is into baseball,  Star Wars and fish, so I picked up those toppers, added some flower rings for the girls and then noticed penguin rings, which I just had to get for my penguin loving Giddy-up.
Here's the birthday Bean with the extra cupcakes.
  I suppose  you've surmised that I'm a detail loving person.  Sometimes I sigh at myself, because all the effort I invest in the details (I call that "plate coloring") often are only noticed by me.  Not so with a cupcake and penguin ring and a boy. He was tickled pink, so much so that he needed to have another at noon.
Today the Veterinary Clinic was open.  Every summer I head to the local Dollar Store and purchase bandaids, bandages, cotton balls and powder and let them have at it with their stuffed animal.  This never fails to delight.
 Missy Bugg's real dogs nearly relieved her Lady Bug of an ear (do lady bugs have ears, maybe it was an antennae).

Giddy-up thought that powder was the most amazing stuff.  Arie showed him how to put powder on the stool, then make an imprint in it. It was too cute watching him trying to get his leg high enough to imprint his shoe.

 Ceece read an idea of creating personalized plates with permanent markers. Gwen wrote their names in the middle, so decorating  the edges

was going on as well.
 Still, there is a whole afternoon to go and go, go, go we did.  To be continued.......

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  1. I am so glad the weather was on your side and that you had such fun! I love the personalized plates and can't wait to hear about the afternoon.