Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's that Buzz?

Much of this bee business is quite exciting.  I've never been more aware in my life of what's blooming around and about.  On our weekly Farmer's Market run, I'd just commented to the Handy Man about what our bees might be finding to eat.  We were trying to think if there are any big pesticide using farms in our vicinity and were hoping not and hoping our bees were powering up on some good food.
As the day cooled, we headed to the garden, where I discovered the early corn tasseling.
 Upon closer inspection, I discovered the corn was covered in honey bees.
 Packing that pollen in as hard and fast as they could go. I could see  the sprinkles falling onto the ears that will insure a cob of kernels.

 It's a wonder they can fly with all that pollen.

They didn't have far to fly back to  their hive.

Of course, throughout my delightful romp in the corn with the bees I was accompanied by my helper. He provides lots of slobbery kisses, trampled flowers and chewed up toys.  Time to play with his own puppy.

He had a visit with the Vet who pronounced him, "Practically perfect in every way."  His only need is a big bone to help a tooth get through. A prescription he was thrilled to receive.

Let's see, how about a family check-up.  Aunt Lois is doing well and is as brown as a berry from her mornings on the deck.  Aunt SuZQ has finished her radiation treatments and seems more herself these past few visits.  Mom doesn't have anything major going on at the moment, but isn't too interested in being too far from her chair.  Rae and Michael are still waiting for the call of a new little one and have some serious decision making to do.  I know they would appreciate prayers for direction.  This adoption business is not for the faint hearted.

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  1. I'm so glad your bees are doing so well. Your pictures are amazing and those bees do look like they are well fed! LOVE the puppy picture -- thank you for including it!