Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Loveliest of All is the Unicorn

Sadly, I headed back to the classroom this week to start putting my room in order and look at schedules and calendars.  Ugh, that part of my career I find most unpleasant, and I will be in a foul frame until the first student walks through the door, when the game changes and I get to start teaching.

There was serious, almost desperate need for an Oh MY JOY moment and really, what could be better than the first unicorn sighting at Playdate.
My typically reticent wee Brown Eyed Button girl thought a unicorn transformation was simply hysterical.  When I see the pictures, I see that that laughter bubbling right up and out.

It was so. very. stifling. hot.  Soaking yourself was just the wisest choice on such a day.
 My sweet Giddy-up thought this new toy was fascinating to watch, but had no interest in a ride for himself.  After observing his cousins over several trips to Gramerly's, he finally decided to give it a whirl and was smitten.  I believe his joy was being able to control the speed himself by pulling the handle.
 Remember the now famous baby shirt?  Still doing it's mesmerizing work on our newest Wee Will.
 Antebellie approached and asked, "Well, I thought of something to ask you that maybe, well, it might be a good idea, I mean we want to, you know we were thinking, umm- Can we paint ourselves?"  To which I answered, "Sure."

 At some point, paint has to come off, so this is a "You wash my back, I'll wash your's," train.
 Painting our best Playdate Pal is as fun as painting your ownest self.
Another Blueberry Lover.
One Summer Playdate to go. Are you kidding me?


  1. So hard to believe summer is coming to an end for you. That is certainly the cutest Unicorn I have ever seen!

    I just love the painting! Amara and the girls would love this so I have to know what they used? Is it a paint you've made for them?

    1. It is just the tempera paint like they use in school. To date I've never had a kiddo bothered by it and washes off pretty easily. I don't know your craft stores, but I get it at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I have cups, with a hole for brushes and a lock tight lid that I fill and keep in the easel. I just sit them out when it's whole body painting time.

    2. Amara was sleeping earlier when I posted this and I showed her your pictures when she got up -- she SOOOOO wants to do this! Thanks for the info. I think I will make them keep this on the grass as it really might stain the driveway. Thanks!