Monday, July 15, 2013

The Endless Quest

Klub Kimby happened on Playdate's afternoon, but much had gone on prior to that.  Giddy-up's favorite activity of the day was his friend Arie playing airplane with him.  

 Then Arie initiated a game of "Catchers," which I wouldn't have thought a two year old would really get, but Giddy-up did and had the best time playing with his cousins. Ol' Blue Eyes and Buttercup joined the fray.
 Remember the cute black pig filled with some summer fun cash from my classroom. Well, here is the big purchase.  The kids love it and I can't get very good pictures because I can't look at them long enough.

 The endless quest is to get a good Playdate picture of all them together.  This was the scheduled day.  I knew it would really be problematic this year as the day has stretched from early morning on to evening.  The youngest ones come earliest and leave for nap, whilst the elder gramerlings trickle in throughout the day. I asked everyone to come before lunch, but sadly Swee-Tee wasn't able to come.
Here's the most of them in their painted Playdate shirts in front of Fort Rivendell, Gramerly's Mother's Day gift from the Handy Man.

 Note that in most pictures that little Brown-eyed Button is looking for an exit.

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  1. I love your big purchase and obviously so do the kids! You may have struggled to get the pictures but they are wonderful. Such great memories for each of them.