Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Rainy Derby Day

I've no doubt the bees are grouchy on this coolish, very wet Derby Day. Likely a sentiment shared by all the infielders and the beautifully dressed getting those shoes muddy, but for me, it is a delightful kind of day.  Last week was so crazy, leaving me feeling more like a puppet, being yanked hither and yon by state testing.  I did haul my students to our school creek, which actually feeds into my own for some exploration, sunshine and just fun.  It took no prompting on my part.
 This picture cracks me up.  This little guy loves, loves, loves to dress up.  Before uniforms were required in K-6th grade, he wore a suit most days of his wee preschool and pre-K life.  For our creek outing, they were supposed to bring scrappy play clothes to change into, as you can imagine what they look like after they've "accidentally" fallen a few times.
Well, this is his play clothes.  And they looked when he walked out like they looked when he went in.
Yes, crack up.
 After an hour of play an collecting critters, we tried to identify every thing we found.  Such interesting life under those rocks.


My ownest little bit of paradise- our creek.
Great Uncle Tim provided the entertainment for the wee folk.  Between Bugg's self applied eye make-up and chocolate face, she looks a bit ghoulish, but took her paddling quite seriously.

 Since our favorite Gramerly music this season is "Can You Canoe" by the Okie Dokie Brothers, this was a most exciting adventure.
 The water wasn't quite deep enough to accomplish much, but a fabulous experience all the same.
Whilst Gwanfader commandeered the boat traffic, the Pappy-O had to manage photography.
I was too busy you see. Swee-tee's mama came to play and brought along our newest little mister and I had to smooch him whilst the others were canoeing and creekin'.
The end of my Playdate evening was spent with Bugg in the garden, showing a little budding botanist all the sprouting plants, and checking bluebird houses.  She never tires of gardening.  Then I knew that just around the bend are some long and restful summer days as she slipped in the swing and flew in the breeze while I serenaded her with our favorite swinging songs.
Today, I planted shrubs for the bees just before a soft rain arrived to settle them in.  I took my Handy Man repaired car to pick up our farm fresh Greek yogurt and milk, enjoyed an overdue pedicure with my sister, travelled to an a bit out of the way nursery for bedding plants and heirloom tomatoes and pulled the big 40% off Derby Day sale ticket, had  lunch out with my sweetheart, a nap and now coffee.  I am a Derby winner on all counts!

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  1. Sounds like all of you have been having a wonderful time. Love all the pictures at the creek -- your students must have really enjoyed this after the testing.