Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Grape Roast

My Bean loves to light candles. This evening he decided he'd like to try to roast a grape.
Of course, Bugg wanted to join in on the experiment. 
She was loving it and all giggly fun, when....

 oops, a lost grape. That expression is hysterical.  Later, she said roasting then waxing her grape was her "technique."
I put a new bar between two combs in the top bar hive last week and this week, look at this thing- amazing, again.

My little Giddy-up came to visit Sunday.  He too is fascinated by the bees and can't figure out why he can't hold them. Pappy had to get in there and get a dead one for him to hold.
He has a pet name for me, he looks at me slyly and says, "Rotten Butt."  Don't ask, I don't know, but coming from a barely two year old it's plenty funny to me.
As all the end of the year hoopla builds day by day, I so love me some joyful things.
I'm about to have a big joy. Stay tuned for my Mother's Day present- woo, hoo!
Oh, I nearly forgot to include another joy. My sister and my cousin Debbie dropped by for a visit.  Debbie hadn't been here before. It was so lovely to have her and Auntie G-Lou for a wee bit.
My poor Mama took a tumble and had to get some stitches in her head yesterday.  She's feeling a bit beat up today.  Hope she finds some joy.


  1. I do just love that expression! I love the bee photos and I am so happy you are having such success. BUT we do need a new puppy picture!

    Happy Teachers Appreciation Week to you! Hope they spoiled you rotten -- you deserve it!

  2. I'm Debbie's friend and I asked her if she saw you and she said yes so I thought I would check to see if you blogged about her coming by.
    Like your sure do alot of stuff.

  3. Oh, lucky you. I sure wish she lived closer because I think we would do a lot of laughing together. Glad you stopped by.