Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LIsten Up Wee Bee Girls

So, still fending off coyotes, but thankfully no more possums.  Another gander through the hives reveals a top bar busting out all over with twelve combs in comparison to the Langstroth hive which only has five. So all is well, full, and busy until I get to this third to the end and find what is known as a cross comb.  A comb built near another one, not in a nice line like we like them.  So, I carefully cut it out, lift it up, brush off the bees and........

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh a queen cell, which predicts an upcoming swarm which makes me want to cuss a little.
So, I took the divider out and tomorrow I'll get back in there and open up the area in the brood combs with an empty top bar,  hoping to convince them that there is still lots of expansion room and to

Miss SuZQ has to have radiation after all, Handy Man has a new manager who is managing to cause him a lot of grief, which hurts my heart and my car is making a very unpleasant noise.  Oh, life.

Joy, joy, joy, where are you?


Ah, yes! The humble beginnings of a tree fort, so whether we be pirates,or fairies, there's a hideout.


  1. Yes, life, it is so messy sometimes. My sister-in-law is fighting for her life after an unsuccessful surgery for pancreatic cancer. My brother reluctantly agreed to a respirator when she was having trouble breathing right after the surgery but now he questions his decision. Just as all hope was lost, she opened her eyes and is gradually improving though she is on dialysis and still using a respirator. If she recovers from the surgery, she still faces a prognosis of less than a year with only part of her liver and pancreas and maybe chemo??? We are only hoping for a few days? weeks? months? of her being alert and pain free but in return for what kind of end? She is younger than me. Only 63. No children. Only her husband and one sister who lives in Virginia. It makes me realize how many of my concerns are not ultimately very important and how grateful I am for my children and grandchildren. I enjoy looking in on your life and sharing mine with you. The bees are fascinating. When do you get to taste any honey?

    1. Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear that about your sister-in-law. We have walked that very road and it is long and hard. The questioning is awful. Everyone trying so hard to do their best. She is the same age as Kaye. I will pray for peace and mercy for your family.
      As to the honey, I don't know. You don't touch it until there are at least 12 combs for the bees. They are building and storing like crazy, so if the weather stays good, maybe middle of the summer.