Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trouble in the Mind

My kiddos are knee deep in practice for The Little Mermaid. I'm reminded this evening of Sebastian's line, "Child, you got trouble in the mind?"
All week the eggs have gotten less and less.  I asked Handy Man what he thought the trouble might be. He said when he switched the light to red for the new babies, he thought that wasn't enough light to keep the girls going.
Today, as I was swinging Buttercup, it occurred to me that I was not hearing the cockle doodle dooing I usually here from a very vocal Mr. Sunshine.  So I started looking around. Hmm, Mr. Sunshine was gone.  So I started looking closer, Henny Penny, gone, Owlie, gone.  Seven chickens gone and by 5:30 a coyote standing in the drive ready for supper.  Ugghh, makes me sick.

Then Handy Man goes out to feed the dog where the food is kept in a completely enclosed back porch and look what he pulls out. EWWWWWWW.  Maybe I am not such a farm girl after all.


  1. Pap better be ready to start shooting. Sounds like we missed the coyote, but just barely...ick.

  2. I sure hope the rest of the week is better!

  3. Pesky wildlife! My daughter's family recently had an opossum adventure of their own. Seems the dryer vent hose had come loose, and a wee possum was using that as his own personal doggie door to come into the house and eat some cat food. It was quite a shock when they heard some crunching from the kitchen and found a possum when they were expecting one of their own kitties!

    1. It is a shock. I'm glad it didn't get into a fight with little Kitty.