Monday, May 27, 2013

A Sad So Long

When I found out last summer that my request had been granted and I would loop with the four graders and move with them to fifth  I knew that the end of school would be an emotional one.
When you loop, there really is not a beginning of school when you spend three weeks getting to know the kids and them getting to know you. You just jump in where you left off.
From the start, this was an unusual class.  High readers, great math brains, talents out the wahzoo, but rather non-plussed by it all.  I don't believe I've ever taught a class where there were so few attitudes and such a work ethic.  I wondered if that would change as we moved further into adolescence.  Really it didn't.
That classed walked the total son deployment from beginning to end with me and prayed for that child of mine every day.
I always take pictures throughout the year and keep a big portfolio of their work.  Those last few days of school, we take the  pictures and make scrapbook pages for their portfolios.  The ones that related to 1st Lt. were so sweet.
Well, teachers usually get Christmas and end of school gifts.  I never have any idea what will turn up.  Once a little girl gave me a Hallmark Charlie Brown tree, but said the ornament, you know there is only one, got broken.  Of course, I put it up in class immediately and told her we'd find an ornament. She brought that in early for a class decoration.  The last day before break, I'm opening presents and I come to a little round shape wrapped up and it was one solitary round ornament, you know that come in a box of twelve.  How grateful I was for that Charlie Brown tree because I was able to make a really big deal about what an absolute perfect gift it was for our tree missing it's littlest ornament. You have to love those God incidents. You see, a preschooler could bring you a blade of grass, and if you coo over it, the child and all the class will think it the best gift ever.  It's harder as they get older. Even though we make over every gift, if you're trumping something up, they know it.  I knew that fellow grabbed that ornament, probably one of their own, to have something to give and it turned out to be perfect and will grace that little pine twig as long as I have it.
 Last year, they surprised me, if you remember, with bags and bags of everything imaginable to send to 1st. Lt.  I mailed him goodies throughout his entire deployment from those bags.  Well, I knew they couldn't top that, so I hadn't given it any thought.  That gift was enough for both years.
As they started trickling in Friday morning, first one child and then another brought a gift.  A vase of flowers, a Paris tote bag, a flowery desk set, cards and gift cards, umm and some grown-up drink that I favor, hidden in an insulated bag.  It was such a busy day, I hoped I'd have time to look them over with them before they left.
We have awards right after lunch. It last two hours.  Not only do we give the last of honor roll, etc. Each of us teachers give an award to each of our students based on a special talent, skill or personality trait.
Well, right before awards, in walks several parents with a gift bag.
First, I pulled out this funny pencil that holds chalk.  Then a big box of chalk. I'm thinking the theme is a bag of summer toys for the gramerlings-sweet.
 I looked too long at the chalk pencil, so to urging, I pulled out this pig.  How adorable.  I'm little slow, I didn't get it.  The kids said, " It's a chalk pig, you can write on it."  Cuteness.
 Then, "Look on the other side."  How fun.  I could hear change rolling around in there and thought the kids must have brought some change to put in the pig.  I loved it.
 Then a parent said that there was more than coins inside.  I told them we'd already been saving change to give to our new gramerling's adoption fund.  Rae and Michael found a place that would match up to 1500 dollars, if they could raise it.  Tears of course. Lands I cried all day.

When I got  home, I was quite astounded at what I found in that pig.  In addition to the new gramerlings, the old gramerlings will get a zip-line added to Pappy's tree fort.  Wow!

It was a clever and precious gift and I appreciate the talent, creativity,  and each contributor behind it.

And these cards are priceless to me.

I will love my next class, and I hope each class thereafter, but this class will always hold a special  place in my mind and heart.


  1. You certainly have touched their lives and their hearts. Those cards would make anyone cry. They are very lucky students to have had you -- I hope you get as lucky with the next class. I am curious. Will you go back to teaching 4th?

    1. I would really like to do that. Go back to fourth and loop again, but it would require another teacher to wish to do the same. I'll be in fifth again. Don't know when or if I'll have that opportunity again.