Sunday, August 1, 2010

Name Change?

I'm thinking I should change Buttercup's name to Bluebonnet or Bluebelle, especially in her War Bonnet.
She has been such a delight this summer. She's been here often enough to be very comfortable with us. Now this baby doll she carries gets as much attention as the swing and the schickies. Whenever I sing to her in the swing, she claps her hands, then claps the babies hands-so cute. We change lots of diapers.
She is now very interested in Bugg and Bean and asks for them whenever they are out of sight. She is a big talker for not quite two.
This summer has felt like it was only five minutes long. I barely got into the swing of things and it's time to change swings. I worked in my classroom all of yesterday afternoon. This Wednesday is the last Playdate. I will miss these kids terribly .

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