Sunday, August 15, 2010

OH the Wonder, the Wonder of You

Our new grandboy arrived just before nine last night. Gwen was at the hospital about 2 hours and had things more the way she wanted them, naturally and with a midwife. Buttercup spent the night with us. I was a bit worried for her, as she's never stayed here overnight before. She laid right down at bedtime, and we didn't hear another peep until Pappy went to get her at almost nine this morning. She was quite smitten with the new baby and immediately wanted hold "her." She was very gentle and loving.

Look at all that hair.

Pappy's turn.

Now Aunt Rae-rae
He is beautiful and very sleepy, quite unlike his big sister(oh, she was beautiful, but not too sleepy). He never really opened his eyes when we were there, so I'll be anxious to see what he looks like awake. Is there anything more precious than a new baby.
Welcome Baby Benjamin!


  1. Congrats! He's adorable! Can't wait to meet him!

  2. What a beautiful boy! Silas loved looking (and pointing) at all of the pictures too. :)

  3. Benjamin is very sweet; Congrats! I thought of you on those hot, hot play dates. Looks like everyone had great fun. What exactly are painted bubbles? So sorry I didn't get to come at all; maybe next year.

  4. Thank you. He doesn't look brand new. So perfect. Praise the Lord!
    Painted bubbles are paint with a bit of water and dish liquid. You blow into it with a straw, then lay white paper on it to paint the paper with bubbles and it makes a nice design.

  5. Benjamin is absolutely beautiful. I think I'm through getting new grandchildren, which makes me a little sad. There are great-grandchildren to look forward to, but not for a few more years, I hope! My oldest granddaughter just left for her first year of college.

  6. New babies are such a delight. Ahh, Your first granddaughter in college.