Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crazy School Days and Stuff

Today was the first day with students. My class is very small this year and if the first day is any indication, we're off on the right foot. I think this is going to be a little class of prayer warriors, as we are going to adopt three people going through cancer treatment. I'm hoping for a pretty laid back year. I'm not to used to those.
The rest of our county is in a tiz. After dropping students off at daycares, grandparents and sitters for years, they suddenly decided to stop. Most folks didn't discover that until this week. So not only does elementary get out an hour earlier, 2:20, they have no transportation to caretakers ( including my first grade grandboy). Buses are full with 75 students to a bus and hour long bus rides in the 100 degree heat. Our tax dollars at work.
Usually my return to the classroom marks the end of gardening days. Oh, we keep eating it as long as we can find something, but there is no time for caretaking. The garden goods this year have been unusually delicious. I have so enjoyed the bounty.
Over the weekend I made salsa. Mine with sweet peppers and Handy Man's with a habanero he grew in the "up" garden. Wonderful, that's all.
When I was finished, I took the scraps out to the girls. Mama Yellow Chick Awesome had the babies out. She started bringing them out of the coop when they were only about ten days old. About gave me a heart attack. Then at two weeks, she brought them out of the chicken yard. We've been so blessed in the 14 months we've been on this chickie girl journey. No evil has befallen any girls while ranging around the yard. Well, except for poor Jetta, who did not survive baby Arwen's, "Play with the Squeak Toys" game.
Yellow Chick Awesome is very protective. We are not allowed near those babies. Handy Man said that this afternoon during a pop-up storm, she puffed all up and gathered them under her. She's been fascinating to watch. I really prefer her parenting to me having to worry over them.
"Watcha eating Mama, can I have some, huh, can I?"

Ahh, then there's Pap's Girl, who better be glad she's his girl, as she hasn't laid eggs in a long time. She's in love with him.

Our baby boy BJ is due any minute. Please pray with me for his safe arrival.

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