Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Sixth Birthday Bean

Why does six seem so much older than five? I just am having such a difficult time believing
Bean is six today. Time does fly. Since his birthday was just the day after Playdate, I told him he could pick the Playdate treat. He wanted cupcakes. I asked what kind and he wanted vanilla cake with chocolate icing. Then I made the fatal error of asking what he wanted on them, thinking he'd say dinosaurs, or horses, or maybe planes and I could just get them at the cake store place that caters to inept folks like me. Oh no, he wanted Abe Lincoln. God has blessed me with a talent or two. I can bake a cake that tastes good. Cake decorating however is not one of my talents. It isn't that I haven't tried, I'm just no good at it. When I can't even draw convincing stick people, I don't know why I'm surprised. Dear me, what to do. I first decided I'd just stick a penny on each one, but then it occurred to me that you could make one big face. Ha, ha, ha! Well, actually you can and it's a big face all right-yes it is. It doesn't hurt my feelings if you chuckle, but try not to spew your coffee or tea or whatever all over the screen. Thanks.

The eyes and mouth are pennies. Ceece brought some cut outs of Abe's head that we taped to toothpicks and stuck in there, so it was Abe everywhere.

Bean also wanted to make cards to give to all his friends, along with some jewelry he said. So he illustrated cards and I helped him sew a bead on a ribbon (folks, jewelry is not my strong suit either). He's as aware as the rest of us that Missy Bugg and Antebellie are in love with princesses and each other. I thought his little illustration was so very sweet, down to the color of their hair and jewels in their crown.

The first order of our Civil War day was providing the troops with hardtack. A delicious combination of flour and water and that's all. Miss Glitzy said they'd eat if after dark so they didn't have to see the bugs. Ewwwwwww.

We left out the bugs. They toted this tasty treat in their ruck sacks whilst chasing the enemy through the hills yesterday. Some of them even attempted to eat it.

Lastly, from time to time I make up songs for the gramerlings. I might have titled this post, Things I do Poorly. I'm cool for some little rhyming ditty, but that's about it. Anyway, Bean asked for a song, so I wrote one about his current stage of development, and mine, to the tune of Jesus Loves Me.

Conner Bean is six years old,

where did all those six years go

But I was there when he popped out

so i know what i’m talking about

yes, Bean six years old

yes Bean is six years old

yes Bean is six years old

and he’s a precious boy

He’s strong and smart handsome too

There’s a million things that he can do

Run and jump and write and read

Grow, grow, grow just like a weed.

Civil War and dinosaurs

Bean will never be a bore

He’s interested in tons of stuff

including Lambie made of fluff

He’s carved a place inside my heart

even when he burps and farts

His laughter I still love to hear

His lovies are to me so dear

He’s growing fast and getting tall

Ready for 1st grade this fall

But still he loves that dolphin swing

and for his Gramerly to sing

Happy Birthday Sweetest Grandboy of Mine


  1. I finally got his birthday post up over at

    What a sweet song, you'll have to sing it to him tomorrow, as singing is not one of my strong suits. ;-)

  2. It's kind of funny that you and I share a birthday and are the same age and you have a grandson born on this day - six years old - and so do I:). Aren't they wonderful?

  3. That is neat. Yes, they are wonderful, exhausting, but wonderful.

  4. You are one amazing grandmother! This is a great lesson in letting kids exercise their creativity. Adults get so caught up in doing things right that they sometimes stifle kids' creativity. I'm sure that the Abe Lincoln cake will be remembered much longer than a perfectly decorated cake not of Bean's choosing.

  5. Yes, I think that's one thing I've learned. Just because they aren't getting from it what I had in mind, doesn't mean they aren't getting something, even if it's just a good time.