Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Trails Playdate Friends

I woke up today in a foul mood. I probably should say, "got up," as I'd been awake off and on since 2 am with that lovely sleep inducing feeling of someone trying to drive an ice pick through your nose- a sinus headache. Handy Man left a note of caution about the anticipated 100 degree day that will feel like 110. Then medicating to remove the ice pick sort of gives me the shakes. Add that to this being my last day of summer that felt like it lasted 3 minutes, and the last Playdate, well, did I say, "foul" cause "foul" is what I meant.
Bean and Bugg arrived first and Bugg said, "Look, I have on my science dress!" "Are we going to blow those paint bubbles?" I was so very surprised that she remembered that science event from last summer. We had so many babies this year, and since I'm all about letting the wee ones get in the fray, I did not do paint bubbles. It's ugly when instead of blowing in the straw, they suck, and paint, though it's non-toxic, is best left out of baby lungs. I could see she wasn't going to give up the paint bubbles, being dressed in her science outfit and all, so blow paint bubbles we did.
Did you know when you blow the red paint bubbles with lots of good force, you get chicken pox?

Um, well, now you know.
I was trying to round up all the babes for our end of year picture when one little obstinate missy I'll refer to as Annie Oakley wasn't having it. She wanted her picture with a gun- here ya go Annie!
Antie SZQ found a castle pinata on sale. Due to the "puddlin' " weather we were having, Miss Glitzy tried to talk me into saving it for the Gingerbread House Party, but I could not be dissuaded. Look at that fierce warrior destroying the castle.
It appeared its wasn't too hot to eat candy. I did refill everything that held water and made them cool off when they were finished scavenging all the goods. Thanks Auntie SZQ!

So, here we are, the end. Excuse me while I find the tissues.


  1. You are a champ for soldiering through a Playdate under those circumstances! Your Playdate buddies will always remember what a good time they had!

  2. Thank you, though I fear they will remember it being the hottest summer on record.