Monday, August 30, 2010

Out of Surgery

I finally got a message from my sister-five hours after the procedure was to have begun. As best I know now, the arm artery was blocked and a stint inserted which is believed will eliminate the fistula problem. There were two blockages in the right leg where the toes are affected. Only one was able to be unblocked, and no guarantee was offered for it saving the toes. I'm unclear on if they were unable to unblock the arteries in the other leg, she didn't have any, or they couldn't get to that.
Pete said the toes, especially the big toe, were markedly worse today.
Apparently, they had trouble with her breathing during the surgery.
I will update more as I know it.

UPDATE: They were having problems with her oxygen stats dropping and weren't able to get to the left leg. They did dialysis at that hospital to try and get some of the meds out of her system. She was able to go home this evening. Another appointment next week to see if the right leg stint improves condition of her poor toes.

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