Saturday, May 2, 2015

It Comes In Pints

Where I work, if you don't use your two personal days, you lose them.  I always save them because with my family, well, you just never know, so best to keep one.  Earlier in the year I asked Rae about the boy's birthday, and was there anything in particular she was interested in them having.  She suggested we go with them to the aquarium for the day.  I love the aquarium and we had a plan.

Around the corner is a German restaurant, known for a tasty brew. Though this came after the aquarium, I believe it was Pap and Michael's favorite part of the day.

Mr. Smiley and Giddy-Up were ready for the day, though they both liked their new stroller, 
 Pap thinks a sweet birthday boy is for snuggling and smooching and getting up close to the fish.
 I so love this area where you actually get to touch the critters.   Giddy-Up is very knowledgeable about ocean life from a little Aquanaut show he watches sometimes.

 This boy does not miss one single thing.  I pushed a button and frog sound came out. He immediately reaches to the next one and pushes it.  He like the frogs and frog sounds.

 While pints of German brew hold no interest for me, I believe I could spend hours in the Jelly Fish room.
Every time I visit here, I am so impressed with the variety of ocean species and marvel so at God's amazing creations.

 My big four year old and I did a "Behind the Scenes" tour.  Giddy-Up is also so observant and obedient in these situations.  He walks within the lines he was told to walk in, touches with two fingers, as instructed, and
 pats gently when requested.  He was so excited with our personal encounter with his beloved penguins. Ahem, so was his Gramerly.
 They are much like our chickie girls.

 It was another of those, "Yes," days that I so love.   Just look at this brave boy.

 Mr. Smiley enjoyed it as much as his brother and cheered him on.
 Yes, to a ride in the train.
 It was a joy filled day and I was in great need of some joy.

Congratulations to Tim and Gwen on the birth of a new baby girl, born April 29.  


  1. What a wonderful place and you can tell from all the smiles how much fun everyone is having. I can't believe you got to pet a penguin!

  2. jelly fish room is the coolest. nice pictures of it. you had a perfect day for it!