Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wild One

I can't believe it has been nearly a year since Giddy-Up showed up in the kitchen and proudly declared, "I have a new brother."  What?
 I think I only had to wait two days to meet our precious new boy, and what a wee treasure he is. Wow, one.  Time does indeed fly.
Be Prepared For A Wild Time



 Hmm, what is this stuff?  (First cake and cheerio experience)
 He would lick his finger, then pat the cake and talk about it, then pick off another cheerio.

 He thought the cheerios were ever so much more interesting and tasty than the cake.  He climbs everywhere, misses nothing, loves to eat meat, chase his big brother, stands and takes some steps- so big.
Who's behind that ferocious mask?
 It's Lazarus, er, I mean Uncle Jimi!

As the afternoon wore on, I noticed my sweet Giddy-Up looking a bit forlorn, so I asked if he'd like to go to creek. Silly question.  I left the birthday boy with the other adults and off we went.  Don't you wish you could bottle the joy that is found in throwing a rock into the creek.  We played there for some time, and he bravely travelled through the troll tunnel by himself.  Next, up the tree fort.  He found three yard darts in the yard and just about every seven minutes for the next thirty, those darts became something new, with a new game, with new rules.  "This red one is fire Gramerly, and the blue ones are water." "See if you can use the fire to knock out the water."
I never tire of watching the way a little one can take some odd objects and a tree and create all kinds of interesting things for us do.  This is how learning is supposed to happen.  

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  1. It is hard to believe that it has been a year. Amara turned 11 this week and I can hardly believe that! I remember how very excited everyone was when you finally got this amazing gift! He has the very best smile! Thanks for sharing him!