Monday, May 18, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust.

Another Spring Musical down.  My goodness, I'm a worn to a frazzle. We actually start on the musical the summer before, and then work on it all year long.  What people see is just adorable and many are surprised by how well the kids the perform.  At our school, every child in 5th and 6th grade plays a part in the play.  Today every last child sang, danced, talked and one was cuter than the next.
Can you guess the play?

For me, I see beyond the cute.  I've been part of their lives since they were three.  I've watched them blossom and a lot of them dig deep and find something they didn't even know they had.

My memory of Miss Sidly, my Playdate friend of ten years, is at the Christmas performance when she was three, staring at the audience with tiny fingers in her mouth, no words coming out at all. Today she was the beautiful, talented, singing, sparkling, dancing, Inner Planet Janet- precious.
 I've had the privilege of being her teacher this year. I will be sad to turn her over to my partner in crime, our sixth grade teacher, Brittany.  The third person in this musical business had to catch plane and I didn't get Lori's picture.

I love to see them shine.  Well, mostly I guess I love to imagine it, as I'm the backstage person, handing off props and helping people change.

I guess you never get to old to appreciate some support of your craft.  I was so excited to see friends and family come to the show.

Not many principals, drowning in their own May Madness would give up a Saturday evening for another school, but there she was.
 Gardner E. and  Mary Lynn have likely long since lost count of performances they've seen.

 Oh my, my little Giddy-Up looks like he's six here. So handsome.  He enjoyed the show.

 Mr. Smiley, well he like the pretzel sticks. I remember last year, leaving the show on Sunday and going straight to the hospital to see my new boy. So happy to see Rae and Michael. I'm glad for them and Handy Man to put a face to the people I've been involved with all year.

 I was so happy for folks from my school and my students to meet the Uncle Jimi they prayed for in the fall.  Ol' Mother Hubbard and the whole cupboard joined us for the fun.  They are getting so big.  I'd love to direct all my gramerlings in a play. It would be so fun.

A final blessing on their performance.

Whew, camp is up next- give me strength.

My cousin Diane lost her husband to cancer this week and my niece found out her husband, Anthony has cancer.  Don't you hate cancer.  So awful.  I know all prayers are appreciated.

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  1. That rainbow was a beautiful ending to your performance. Glad everyone could be there to watch and applaud. Amara's 5th grade play is in a couple of weeks. Can't wait!