Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Believed I Lived

Musical -check
Camp- check
Move-up Day check
Last Mass- check
Tie Dyed Shirts- in the washer, almost a check, and the only reason I am here instead of fast asleep.

I believe this month has been 8 weeks long.  I don't like to wish days away, but I'm ready to be all done with May.
Today is Pap's birthday, so we celebrated Playdate and Pap this afternoon.

After multiple pictures, I gave up trying to get everyone's eyes opened at the same time.
 My little Giddy-Up was insistent on being in everyone's picture besides his own little family.

 Some creek craziness, of course.
 Mr. Smiley was interested in the flowers and grasses at the creek. I picked him one and tickled his face.
 Gramerly, stop it.  Tonight I was his favorite and  I surely enjoyed his sweetness.  He about ate his weight in chicken and dumplings.
 Everyone's been well squirted with the new squirt guns.
Hope it was happy Handy Man.  We love you.

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  1. I love all your pictures! Your month does sound like it was 8 weeks long -- me, too! I can always tell how busy the month was by the number of pictures taken. The Father Daughter Dance is tomorrow night and that will bring a close to my May!