Saturday, May 9, 2015

An Early Mother's Day

I planned to visit Mom today and take her a cheese danish and bacon breakfast.  While the danish was baking, I went out to pick her some lilacs.  I hadn't really had time to see everything that was blooming.  May is so crazy busy.  As of this morning, ISTEP, and the Mother's Day Tea were behind me and I had a few minutes to stroll around- a bit of pretty around every corner. Come stroll with me.
The Locust in the down garden
 In the shade garden

 The side yard

 The last daffodil

Wow, lots of people come to mind as I stroll. The locust was a gift in Aunt Lois' memory.  The vinca came from a basket for my Dad.  That Lilly of the Valley peeking out came from Phil's grandma.  I can imagine it would bring her a lot of joy to know how much her great, great grandchildren enjoy picking and sniffing them.

Well, only half the strudel made it out of the oven. The other half is all over the bottom of the oven. Duh.
I usually only cook cinnamon rolls in an aluminum pan.  This weighs about three times as much and obviously needs greater care when being removed from the oven.

 But half a strudel didn't keep Granny Wandy from enjoying it completely, and that is what matters.

Happy Mother's Day

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! Your flowers are just beautiful and I'm so glad you shared them! Amara's school is neck deep in SBAC testing which will go until June! Wow -- hard to believe that is only a few short weeks away!