Thursday, July 23, 2009

What to do?

Until this week, we've been blessed with fabulous weather for playdates. Even when it's rained, it has been warm and not too many storms. Yesterday, however, was another story. Seriously folks, who plans for endless rain and 69 degrees at the end of July. Further more, what kind of plans do you make for seven kids, newborn to six, in such conditions?
Well, first you make cookies and provide teeny weeny cookie cutters so it takes a very long time to use up your dough. Then you decorate all those tiny cookies.
Thankfully, the temperature came up enough to cause only slight shivering, with a blue tinge creeping around their mouths, sort of like a lipliner. No one cared because homemade bubbles are so slippery and fun. By late afternoon, the mud holes were deep and you could ride your four-wheel drive tricycle right through them. When everyone was chilled to the bone we went inside for some finger painting with pudding. Naturally, a long warm chocolate/mud bath followed.
Tiff couldn't decide if she was coming with Baby Boy and Miss Linee. Our little miss could also be called, Miss Busy, because she's never satisfied in one spot for long. She's usually fine to miss her nap if she's outside with lots to do. If she's inside, she's a bit cranky. At the last minute, she was wanting to see Aunt Kymbi, so in spite of the weather, Tiff brought her. If ever there was a child who enjoyed cookie making, decorating and pudding painting more, I've never witnessed it. She had the mostest fun and we all had fun watching her.
After five little ones headed home, Bean, Bugg, and I headed to the chicken pen and enjoyed feeding, chasing and holding the chickie girls. Bugg and I left Bean with Handy Man Pappy and went in to finish dinner. Bugg was a big help pulling all the "branches" off the corn before we roasted it.
After a delicious supper, we made "things." You can see them in the picture below. I don't know what they are really called, or why in the world anyone thought up such a thing. You stick teeniest plastic pieces on a hard plastic shape, iron it and then the pieces stick together. Every time you move it or bump anything, half the pieces fall off and you have to do it again. A seriously nerve wracking activity folks. Pappy helped Bugg put her initial on hers.
At last, off to bed for one exhausted Gramerly.

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