Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

Mercy, our summer has certainly been breezy. I'm loving these cool temperatures we're having, though it's a bit strange, for true. Last night, the chickie girls headed in an hour before dark to get on the roost under their light.
I just can't believe how late in the summer it is already. It feels like playing in water, when you pick up a handful and it pours right back out of your hand, so are the days of my summer life.
Not many days of baby smooching left. I go back to work on August 6.
But, one bit of relief, I believe I'll be headed back with a terrific new principal. I was worried for awhile there, as I sat on the search committee and wondered how in the world anyone could fill my previous principal's shoes. Well, no one can, but I believe we have someone who will love us and want the best for us and work really hard at it. You can't reasonably ask for more than that.
Saturday was Kaye sitting day. Each day I see her she has more words which is great, but still many that I can't comprehend, which is endless frustration for all parties involved. She went out on the back porch with me to sit a spell until she got too cool. She visited with Mom for a bit and watched a southern gospel music video. We are still fighting first one infection and another. Pete had to take her to the emergency room again on Friday evening from severe bladder pain-another infection, another antibiotic-another yeast infection-aghhhhhh! She missed dialysis and was already having difficulty breathing yesterday. I won't be surprised if she's back in the emergency room before dialysis tomorrow. It's so weird, she has no swelling anywhere, but all the water she holds must go to her lungs. She is very irritated and resistant to dialysis these days. Pete about has to force her. In addition to visiting her and translating for Mom, I was able to get all the laundry done and fix Pete a good meal. I'm happy when I can do something that takes care of both of them. Please and thank you for your continued prayers for them.

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