Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh Where Does the Time Go?

Here is the birthday beanie boy putting the finishing touches on his birthday cupcake. Bean's new birthday toy. Ummm, is a nail supposed to go in there?

Raina and Miss Linee feeding the Cheeky. Raina named an as yet unnamed Silver Wyndotte, Princess Sheila.

Kiss the baby.

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it. Bugg all crammed in that tiny cradle with her big poodle skirt on, covered in blocks, looking so very much like a big dolly, one that can open and shut her eyes.

If it seemed my children grew up quickly, then my grandchildren are growing at some sort of warp speed. Bean turned five on Wednesday and I just can't grasp that he could be that old. His party is on Sunday, but we decorated cupcakes in his honor and sang Happy Birthday to him. He has brought us ginourmous joy on joy in his little five years. I have no idea what I ever did before he came. If the birthday wasn't enough, he also registered for kindergarten. I was feeling rather traumatized by the whole thing, but he landed in a class with a teacher I have great fondness and respect for, so I feel better about it now.

Bean brought the prized gift from his Daddy to playdate, a new tool box. Handy Man Pappy donated an old lawn mower for the occasion and the kidlets thoroughly enjoyed taking it apart.

We only had a few bits of outside time between the monsoon rains.

Bugg and Antebellie never tire of dress-up and imaginary play. I love to watch them. Though Antebellie is younger, she is taller and is always the Mama and Bugg her baby. I'm amazed at how they manage to fit Bugg in Rae Rae's old doll cradle and how long she'll stay, when it cannot be comfortable-funny, funny girls.

I probably should've gone on and continued my studies in child development, since I am endlessly fascinated by the subject, especially subjects that I call mine whether in the classroom, or my own family. Miss Linee was insistent on visiting the chickie girls. I promptly found her some bread to feed them, which she promptly stuck in her mouth-thankfully it was fresh. She walked around the chicken pen yelling for the chickies, holding out the remainder of soggy bread. Then, when a chickie girl would get close, she would flee-over and over again.

Speaking of chickie girls, I'm headed out to ascertain the damage after serious rain last night. That's the most water I've ever seen in our yard and some ran through the coop, so I might be shoveling out all my pine chips into the compost today. It was a little scary. The creek was out on the other side and across three yards.

Kaye is still in the hospital. I will be there this evening and tomorrow, so I'll give a more complete update then.

Stay high and dry out there.

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