Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chickie Yard Debut

In the chickie yard left front, back, and to the right (mostly black) are all Australorps.
The only white one (Snow Queen) and the gray/silver (Jetta) one in the back are Andalusians.
The yellow one in front is an Orpington and the one on the front right is a Silver Wynndotte

These girls were not so brave and waited until they'd watched the first girls be out for awhile.
Left to Right: There is Little Pasty Butt Red Hen, then an Orpington, Yellow Chick Awesome, next is an Easter Egger, Princess Cheeky, followed by another Red Starr, Henny Penny.

These were the first brave few, heading down the runway. It was a nerve wracking experience because Handy Man was wrong and they were able to get out of the fence. Thankfully, they like to stick together, so they didn't stay out long, just enough to get my heart rate up before squeezing back through to join their friends.
Arwen was fairly well behaved with us watching. It will be quite a bit before I'll be comfortable leaving the girls in her care. When they were out, Arwen was certainly on alert, woofing at every sound.
Tonight we are going to let them out closer to dark and see if their roosting instinct is in place.
Last night was the first night they were totally in the dark. Tomorrow they will be five weeks old and are feathered out enough for the current night time temperatures without their heat lamp.
Today we enjoyed another trip to the Farmer's Market-two actually. We are loving some homemade salsa we found. The watermelons and cantaloupes were calling my name and did not disappoint-juicy, sweet delights. After we feasted we shared the rinds with the girls who were thrilled to gobble it up.
On the Miss Kaye Front, we continue to go forward, back, forward, back. Pete thinks she has C-Diff. She's sicker than a dog, then antibiotics, then a few good days, then right back where we started. Tuesday when I was there happened to be a good day. She actually came to the table in her wheelchair and ate some supper and had been up a good part of the day. Thursday was awful and Pete was up with her every hour throughout the night. They started her back on the antibiotics at dialysis and she slept all day today. Bless both their hearts.

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