Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mornin' Sunshines

Just sittin' this morning, coffee in hand, sittin' and watching the sun slowly creep around the curtains to light up a couple of little sleeping beauties, deep in slumber on my living room floor. Bean and Miss Bugg spent the night. My list of things to do is always long, but this watching was important to me. Tumbledown strawberry curls, long eyelashes resting on rosy red chubbiest cheeks delights my heart. So, for a few minutes, I soak up the beauty and the silence.
Soon, chubbby cheeks is stirring. As I mentioned before, Missy Bugg did not like to be cuddled to sleep, but prefers being cuddled awake. So together we snuggle on the couch and I hug her close and try to press her presence into my memory for another day, when I turn around and she's fifteen and perhaps too cool for snuggling. I kiss her head, eyes, nose, cheeks and tell her what a wonder I think she is. Of course, I pray this is pressed into her memory as well, to pull out on days she doesn't feel so good about herself. I don't have a single memory of this with anyone really until Handy Man Pappy, so I'm grateful to provide it for her. How fabulous to start your day with sunshine right in your lap.
Bean popped up a bit later. I laugh as he is talking before he is even fully awake. Silence is quickly replaced by enthusiastic chatter. Apparently, the apostle Paul was the subject of last evening's Vacation Bible School Story. It's very interesting to hear this story told from a two and four year old perspective. I asked Bean if he knew that the story came from the Bible. I told him how important those stories were to me and not like any other stories, special stories, living words. He mentioned someone he knew having Bible. I told him I had several and he wanted to see one. I brought him the one my mom gave us on our first anniversary, and he asked me to please read it, all of it, today-smile. I fear I shattered his hopes when I told him that was too big a job for a day, but I'd share a Psalm that I loved- Psalm 139. With all the beautiful picture books, television programs, movies and video games, you wouldn't think two little tots would be interested in a Psalm that long with no pictures, 3-D, sound affects, but they listened intently.
I told them I challenged my fourth graders to learn the whole thing and they did. You would think listening to them as they added scripture each week that I wouldv'e grown weary of hearing the same thing over and over, but I never did. And, I still loved hearing it today, loved sharing it even more.
Do you have a favorite Psalm?

In Chickie Land, I have some R-O-T-T-E-N chickie girls. On Monday, I had to run errands all day and felt bad that they had been cooped up, so I took a book and a diet coke and a chair and went and parked myself in the pen with the pooch and the girls from six until bedtime( they are still small enough to squeeze through the fence and must be watched). I wanted to wait until dark this time, to see if they would wander in the coop on their own. As daylight was fading, one by one they scampered into the coop. When they all got in, I checked food and water, then turned off the light and shut the door. You have never heard such racket in your life. They were all yelling their heads off. At first, I thought something must have gotten in the coop, so I open the door and they are all squawking and clamoring over each other all around the door. I go back in, look all around, pick some of them up and, amazingly, they all calm down, go back to peeping contentdly, roosting, etc. Okay, put them down, turn off the light, close the door, hysterics! I stand there several minutes, thinking they'll go about their chickie nightime routine, uh, no. I go back in, pick some up, talk calmly. By now it's pitch black and Handy Man is at the door wandering what in the wide world I'm doing. I look all around and check things out again- nothing unusual. Handy Man tells me to leave them and he'll come back out later and check-my hero. In a last ditch effort to fix whatever is wrong, I turn their heat lamp back on cause it's already down to seventy degrees in the coop and maybe they aren't happy about the temperature. I leave them still squawking. He checks later, they are fine. Next night, I'm Kaye sitting, he goes in close to dark to check their feed, they hear the noise, run into the coop, roost and go quietly to sleep. I have brat chickens, already!!
My sister and her grandson brought my Mom and Roy out to see the girls last night. I was happy for them to spend sometime with the girls and they were happy too.
Aww, sweet, sweet, summertime.

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  1. That Bean! He has never given a rats patoot about my bible, lol. well glad he has interest in it none the less.

    Psalm 62, v 5 in particularly.