Saturday, July 4, 2009

Feed the Birds

"Hey, uh, are you listening to me?" Handy Man's favorite- Fly Away Little Blackbird

A not so little red hen, not to be confused with Little Red Hen, who is still little.

Gramerly's favorite- Princess Cheeky( an Easter Egger) because she has gerbil cheeks and is so sweet.

Arwen envying the chickie girls.

"Wook, all deese for me?" Miss Blueberry Bugg
I'm not quite sure it's the way your average American couple spends the Fourth of July, but hey, it's raining, so we couldn't get the chickie girls out for their daily dose of sun and fun in the chicken tractor. To make ammends, we went to them. Chickie girls are really a delightful past time. I chose breeds of chickens that are supposed to be friendly, but still, if you want them to be really friendly, you have to spend some time with them. One has already picked out Handy Man as her favorite Human Bean. For the sake of marital harmony, I expected Handy Man to tolerate the girls well enough, but never in my life did I think he'd enjoy them. Clearly, he does.
I named her Fly Away Little Blackbird from the movie we just enjoyed yesterday-Public Enemies. She is an Australorp.
I made homemade wheat bread for the girls this week and they love it as much as everyone I've ever made it for. You can see my favorite from the beginning, Princess Cheeky, happily sitting on one hand while I feed her out of the other. Before the bread was gone I had begun to feel like the character from Mary Poppins who sits on the steps and feeds the birds. They were all over me. I keep forgetting to wear something that doesn't expose my feet, as the girls think that surely my red toenails are some tasty treat.
Miss Blueberry Bugg did not disappoint in her excitement and enthusiasm over the berries. I think she ate a whole pound herself. Miss Linee was fairly taken with them as well.
Kaye is home, and we spent a rather fretful evening together last night. She isn't really able to articulate exactly what is going on, so it's anyone's guess. She was freezing and hurting. As best I can gather, her stomach was cramping severely and her legs. She just moans and frets and up and down. I put warm bed buddies where she says it hurts, rub and rub her legs, but nothing relieves her for long. I'm going to research a bit today on if it is the effect of drawing off too much water in too short a time. Bless her heart, she is so crabby and miserable. Pete was just trying to navigate all the tube feeds and meds and doing a good job. Keep praying, please.
God Bless America and Happy Fourth of July to everyone. I am thankful to God that 1st Lt. boy of mine is home, along with all my other cherubs. Thank you Lord!

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  1. It's fun reading about the chickies--and why am I not surprised that you're cooking for them?