Thursday, June 9, 2016

Yes, Summer

This week began with an absolutely glorious June day.  I decided to do a couple of camps this summer, reading and math, one morning a week.  I was able to do it outside with just the right mix of sunshine, shade and breeze.  My favorite way to teach.
I've read and read to try and come with ways to review important math skills in a fun and engaging way and send them home with a few games so they can continue to practice those skills.  Will they? Well,  that's anyone's guess.

Next up, Playdate, and again a picture perfect day!
First was shirt painting. 

 This was new last year and I really loved the results, so we again chose favorite shaped flora to use as stencils.
 I bought these bouncy balls to try this year as well.  They enjoy whacking each other with them better than bouncing on them.  Go figure.
 I just don't know when Sydlee grew up, but this was her wee charge for the day. Though not quite a teenager in years, she does this child tending like a pro.  Nick is now the tall guy supervising the middle boys.  How fun to watch them grow and mature into young adults.

 Our Kate supplied us with the Playdate baby this year and Miss Linee is enthralled.
 He's a cuddly boy, and will get lots of snuggles and kisses on Playdate days.
 We spent half the day at the creek.

 The mulberries ripen much sooner on the creek bank and were already available for face paint and snacking.
 Little Miss Pixie enjoyed sitting by the water's edge playing with rocks and water.
 Buttercup just chillaxing.
 Checking out the crawdad's.

Ahh, the creek rite of passage, picking them up.

Blue Eyes is still not so sure about handling them.

Supper outside after cleaning up from the creek.
It was  beautiful day, thank the Lord.  
On Wednesday I went to a workshop at the local fossil beds.
Learning some new things to take back to the classroom.
This morning I intended to take Mom to the dentist, but she isn't feeling very well, so I don't know if that will happen.
Sometime, year before last, I created a little twist on burgers and we loved it. I wanted Mom to try it so Auntie G-Lou brought her out.  It turned out Auntie G-Lou loved them too. I'm so very happy for that sweet memory of our evening together. It was the last time she was here. So today, I'm remembering. I invited her girls and the sisters out for the same meal and hopefully some tears and laughs, as we share memories of our girl.


  1. The pictures are wonderful! I can't believe you ever get them out of that creek! Vacation started last Friday and I am hoping that now I can get caught up!

    1. Good luck catching up and enjoy the summer days that are finally here.