Monday, June 20, 2016

Right Place, Right Time

On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous works, I will meditate. Psalm 145
I asked the tree guys to dump my wood chips to use for mulch.  I went out early, before it got too hot, to ferry some chips around to different plants.  In addition to mulch, they mark plants I hope will not be mowed.  I was on my fourth load when I decided, mid emptying, that I needed some pictures.  Why didn't I just finish dumping that load, who knows, but it is certainly the way I seem to do most things.
I wanted a picture of these hydrangeas.

 These were at my Mom's and when we were trying to get the house ready to sell, I decided to take them.  Auntie G-Lou worked hard to keep them going and they were always so beautiful.  I had never transplanted such big bushes and it was way down in the fall, nearly winter when Handy Man and I moved them.  Let me tell you, they didn't appear to take the transition well and I sort of held my breath till spring.  While most all the branches died away, they not only returned from the root, but they are blooming like crazy. 
 Then I was thinking about the trees and wanted to get a picture of this tree that the Captain planted when he was nine, that was a tiny sprout.  
Of course, the Captain was on my mind as he is out of the country with his weekend job  in parts specifically unknown and generally  known to be a hot-spot. (Why yes, I would love if you would keep him in your prayers, thank you so much.)  That poor little tree struggled mightily between those two great maples. In every other high wind, a maple would lose a branch and it would crash down and knock the top out of that pitiful tree, which would then raise another branch to the sky to take its place.  Now that those bigger maple branches are gone, I'm curious how it will grow.
Next is the tree Drummer Boy planted, that was a wee stem with two leaves, and lastly, the  tree that came up volunteer and I just left there, as I knew those maples weren't going to last forever. 

 Wow, how easily I fall down every little rabbit hole that comes along.
So, I thought that I was out of things to photograph and, with my camera still around my neck, I was determined to empty that wheelbarrow, proof that I have matured in some small ways as in the past, I would have wound up somewhere and forgotten completely about those chips.  Well, till the next pop up storm, when I found  the wheelbarrow sitting in the yard full of water.
I heard an interesting bird noise and looked up and watched this majestic creature land in the top of the tree we'd just had trimmed.
It was so loud and big and, oh my, you are kidding, really?

 I have never in my life seen a bald eagle outside of the zoo and pictures.  This handsome dude is a long way from a huge lake or river.  Wow, just wow.  
I mean what are the chances that I was standing there, with camera around my neck?  What  a blessing. 
The hydrangeas, the trees, the eagle, thank you Lord for such precious gifts on this summer day.


  1. How awesome that you just happened to have your camera handy! You were supposed to photograph that beautiful bird. I hope he comes back!