Sunday, June 12, 2016

So Long My Tree Friends

Well, this isn't a normal sight to greet me outside of  my front door, but I was glad for the arrival of the tree crew. 

As glad as I can be when parting with trees I love. We've had such wind and storms this year and two huge maple limbs were hanging over the house. 

 The vile Emerald Ash Borers did their dirty work on the big ash tree in the back, 
and one over by the big swing set. In addition three limbs in the middle of the giant tea house tree had to come out, or be found through the roof.  
Thankfully, this team wasn't tree trimming happy and only did the work that presented a danger. I tried to watch the kid in the ash tree, but it was just too nerve wracking.

Handy Man was off on his birthday fishing trip and I had a full weekend. Another Holy Hike, a trip to the Farmer's Market, a spin around my churches art fair, then working the art fair.  Ceece met me there with Missy Bugg and we got a pedicure.  Her color is Sunshine Pop.
I had ordered a few new games for our upcoming trip. She loves to play games and I knew this would be her cup of tea.

This morning we made sure all the plants and animals were well watered, anticipating another 90 plus degree day.  Then we went our separate ways, as it was Mom day.  Mom has yet another UTI, one they will again try to treat with pills. We'll see.
The fishing boys returned safely, praise be!

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  1. Little Missy Bugg is getting a little older but still just as pretty! Time is going too fast! Hope your Mom recovers from the UTI. Happy Summer!