Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hold On Tight

Everyday I resolve to hold tightly to these summer days. It is my attempt to make them last as long as possible. A foolish errand, as they slip right away in spite of my best efforts.  Already two weeks gone. How can that be?
Though I am physically out of the classroom, I can't take a vacation from being a teacher.  This morning I've been working on the Christmas play. Yesterday, motivating students was on my mind and I  spent time reading articles about just that. My prayer and meditations and heart have been on children that I fail to motivate.  I've struggled with liking someone, when no amount of effort on my part produces effort on their part.  I know I certainly wouldn't want to spend all day, every day with someone who didn't like me, so I wonder if there is some rock I haven't overturned in this teaching gig?
I did find some new things to try, and who knows, maybe they will work with that unmotivated learner.
In the meanwhile, I continue to enjoy Playdate, even when the day was spent outrunning pop up storms.  Sometimes I forget to pick up my camera and this was one of those days. Not much of a visual trail of our day.
We weathered a downpour on the front porch, eating snacks and listening to Ms. Glitzy read.
 Before the next storm, we headed to the creek. During the next storm, we had supper.  When the guests started to trickle out, and Giddy-up was given the fifteen minute call, he whispered in my ear, "Can we do some limboing?"  At first I didn't know what he meant, but soon realized he wanted to do the limbo. So, I grabbed the crazy lights and the broom and limbo we did.

Apparently, you limbo better when dressed like a chicken.

I wanted to record a couple of memories of my boy, Mr. Smiley.  On Pap's birthday celebration, he found a little plastic snake in the yard and brought it to me.  He said, speaking each syllable very distinctly and so seriously- "It's a sal-a-man-der.  It's going eat my face off." Crack up. I think he's repeating his Mama's angst over the fact that mosquitos love to bite his sweet face, and it swells all up just like her's did when she got bit.
When they were leaving one day he reached for me and said, "Hold you."  When he saw that I couldn't save him from leaving he pitifully said, "Come with me." "Come to my house."  Sweet boy.

Antebellie came up to me in the creek last week and said, "Kymbi, I love Playdate, my most favorite memories are of Playdate and I could hardly wait for this summer."  Ahhh, sweetest girly.  Everyone who comes for Playdate has had many, many wonderful experiences in their wee lives.   Sometimes I feel like what I offer pales in comparison, even though I really pour myself into it, it isn't fancy. I have to say, it was very nice to hear.  Though not fancy, when I now read article after article of play that involves dirt and water and sky and sticks and stones being so very wonderful for children, I smile big and know I did my part.


  1. Oh that Mr. Smiley gets me every time! And how wonderful to have Ms. Glitzy there to read! Love to you all! Can't always join you but sure do want to in my big ol' heart!

    1. And we sure want your big ol' heart here too. If having successful children can in anyway be credited to those who raised them, you certainly share in the credit of my three.

  2. Play date at your house sounds wonderful! I can't imagine any child who wouldn't love a day at your house. You don't pale in comparison to anyone! Those grands are never going to forget all the wonderful adventures in the creek and all the other wonderful things you do.PS Your students are lucky to have you too!