Saturday, June 4, 2016

Summer, Is that You?

It seems every year I find May more of challenge. Added to the usual craziness, my mind can't shake this week last year, when things went so very wrong with my sister. I've kind of been a weepy mess. 

Some weeping was joyful however. Bean came to pre-school at my school and this year Giddy-Up was able to attend the last 9 weeks of the year.  His program was so adorable. He had some work to do as they sang songs the others had been doing all year long.  He knew every word and every sign!

 I so wanted this experience for him because of the love this special teacher shares with every child.

 Handy Man and I have spent all the rainy days spring cleaning inside
 all the dry days working outside.  I spent most of last weekend cooking and Memorial Day the family came to celebrate the day and Handy Man's big "60."

 A little Pixie peeking in the chicken pen to watch her big sister play with the chickie girls.

In a very unusual turn of events, Drummer Boy did the creeking. The Gramerly was too tired.

A little swingin'.

 Some time on the go-cart.
Lots of laughs and good food and sunshine, for which I am most thankful!
I have no picture evidence of the musical, camp, awards, field day, graduations, etc., etc.

The May Mountain Experience of 2016 is officially in the past!  
Thank the Lord I survived, with a little help from Handy Man, Aunt Tish and Missy Bugg, Andrea and Arie who all pitched in remove every last piece of everything, including the tape on the wall, out of my classroom and into the gym-done.  Now my hardest job will be to try and forget for a few weeks that it all must be hauled back and put away, ugh.
There were lots of leftovers from Monday, so Rae came back out on Tuesday after  my school day.  I had to run to the store as I had not purchased cards for graduation.  I am always looking for a reasonable water gun. One that holds enough water for more than two squirts, that can be filled by a four year old and can be squirted and easily carried by a two year old.  I've bought lots of water guns, but this, from the Dollar Tree, met every criteria.  I think I will buy a case.

 Wednesday was finishing the last of the classroom move.  Thursday came with that strange but delightful feeling of no one shoving me in the back.  Handy Many and I trotted off to the library where I filled a very large canvas tote with books of all kinds.  He had never been to Stream Cliff Farms, as I kind of consider it a girly sort of place. I asked if he was up for a wee road trip, so we were off.  I've wanted a passion flower, and it took us about twenty minutes to untangle the one I wanted, of course it did.
 We enjoyed a yummy lunch in the tea room.
 Experienced a little wine tasting, then didn't quite beat the storm out of there on the way home. My, such torrential rain!  Home for a nap and library books!
They announced in church last week that Catholic Charities was having a Refugee Fair on Friday, so why not?  I really love the opportunity for my wee folk to experience people who might be of another color, or wear a different type of clothes. What a little doll baby.
 Dancing and face painting-

 And lots of colors everywhere-

Giddy-Up asked us to come by his house and we could.  The remainder of the day was spent in the yard, planting some goodies from Thursday's excursions. 
I remembered to turn the calendar to June today, but could already tell that my summer has arrived. I do love these quotes though-
Choose your roads wisely and be sure of few of them are dirt.

Play Outside
I meant to do my work today-
But a brown bird sang in the apple tree,
And a butterfly flitted across the field,
And all the leaves were calling me.  Richard Li Gallienne

I hope something sweet is calling you today!

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  1. 3 more days!!!! Can you tell by the fact I am so far behind that school here is not out yet? I am glad your summer has started -- just can't believe how much Mr. Smiley has grown! Hope you have a wonderful summer!