Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Christmas Bus

Ever feel like you've kind of just been run over at Christmas?
Missy Bugg and I finally managed to get ornaments on the tree that's been in the stand in the living room since a few days after Thanksgiving.  So glad she loves to decorate.
My job consumes me in December.
But today, ahh, today was sweet.  The Christmas program was over and by 9:30 this morning, mass was practiced for tomorrow.  Gardener E. came to admire their beautiful angels and brought the handmade stamps from India for them to create beautiful wrapping paper.  We stitched and stamped and wrote gift letters and it was a peaceful day.
On Tuesdays this month, I've taken a treat to Mom's and invited a few ladies for tea or coffee.  I think it has helped her get to know them better.  She's adjusting, but not in  any hurry to make herself comfortable there.
Her house was signed, sealed and delivered to a very excited young man purchasing his first home.
Handy Man and I went Monday evening to get the very last of the things.  That home undoing was a long and arduous job that I wasn't really sure was ever going to end.  Honestly, it hasn't.
So much of it is here.  It looks like the Squatly's have taken up permanent residence at my house.  I am hopeful I can get it somewhat managed over break.
Last Saturday, Handy Man had a work party, so I used the time to turn out the Christmas fudge, which required me going through my recipes.  I decided to try and part with a few more of my recipe books.  Going through my recipes brings back so very many memories.  Looking at recipes stored on my computer, just does not have the same affect.
This was a recipe and a book from Kaye.
 This old Good Housekeeping houses my favorite cookie recipe of all time. Poor Santa is looking a bit worse for wear.
 This old recipe from Mom, written on a White Castle napkin, which is what I could find in her house at the time.
 Somewhere along the line the Cpt. tried Bananas Foster and ordered them for his birthday breakfast.  He was a teenager. Thankfully, the recipe showed up in the newspaper.
 We did have a Playdate sometime, and I was trying to tempt a chip away from my Little Chip Monster.
He'll take chips over candy any day, and all you will allow him to have.
This year I've received two very tiny gifts.  Gwanfader brought me something in this little red box. I couldn't even imagine what was inside.
 A cutest wee blown glass chicken.  So stinkin' cute

 Rae found Ninjabread cookie cutters, so we got busy making some.

 Too funny!
Hope you are having a Happy Christmas time.


  1. Love your little chicken and the Ninjabreadmen, too! I am so glad school is out - December was exhausting!

    1. Was, still is, trying to enjoy it instead of just wishing for the 26th.