Sunday, December 27, 2015


Rest, what a novel idea- NOT!  Wouldn't you think if the God of the universe commanded you to rest one day out of seven that you would get the hint.
I often wonder if all the stress related mental illnesses and diseases have been exacerbated by this lack of resting the mind and body.
I'm guilty. It is hard for me to do.
I didn't find it so hard Saturday when I wasn't just running low, I was empty. I slept until almost nine. Something that happens about two times a year. Handy Man was off and we just hung out, ate leftovers, read, worked a puzzle. I colored in my new coloring book. I'm still five when it comes to new crayons and colored pencils. Love. Them.  And I got the biggest box of crayons with color names I haven't heard before. I journaled in my new Bible.  We took a big nap, and I actually slept for a long time.  We watched The Hobbit, again.  We had popcorn for supper. I never got out of my pajamas.
Did you know when my tank is empty, Tolkien is my lovey.  I don't know why.  Movie or books, doesn't matter, that's my go to.  What's your go to?
Before dark, the guilt horse comes galloping through my mind and I determine that I will do something productive the next day.

But the next day, today, rides in with black clouds and pouring rain, another good reason, after church, to find my book and another long nap followed.  More leftovers.  But as dark came on early I knew I couldn't let this day slip by without some work to show.  I put all the Christmas shirts in the washer, ready for their long year's rest.  Since there wasn't one more spot to cram anything anywhere, I cleaned out the frig. I will have some happy chickie girls in the morning.  I spent some time perusing creative writing sites to see if there is anything I haven't tried with my students.  I tried to delve a little deeper into the mystery of how red dye affects the brain.  Enough work to make me feel better.

In my red dye search, I felt frustrated, as I often do when I read about the vaccine/autism situation.  To my knowledge, none of my children were adversely affected by  red dye.  I have twelve grandchildren and only one is affected.  When he has red dye he is so out of sorts, it is pitiful.  Research doesn't show a definitive correlation between red dye and behavior.  I. Don't. Care.  I know. I have made kids my business all my life and it is not a figment of our imagination that he reacts poorly to red dye. It is always fascinating when the research doesn't show something, but suddenly thimerosal is removed from vaccines and now companies are taking notice of the red dye situation.  Did you know farm raised salmon swim in it so they'll look to you as red as wild salmon?  Did you know it is in biscuits and vanilla cake mix?  Ground beef?  Ugh.  It is very hard to avoid.
Gee, a long way from the rest situation.  We need rest.  God said so. I believe Him, but it surely is hard to make it happen sometimes.
Wishing for you some good rest.


  1. Sunday was my day of much needed rest! But I got to feeling guilty for having done nothing productive all day -- didn't get out of my PJs either! So last night I decided I should at least start on that huge pile of laundry. And my dryer died. Hoping the repair man who is coming in a couple of hours can breathe a little more life into it.

  2. Ahhh, appliances can make you nuts. Hope you got it fixed.