Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Let the Good Times Roll

One of my students asked me to tell her my favorite thing about Christmas break and why.  I responded that I love when I have a minute to hang out with friends.  It seems from day one of the new school year, my days just disappear into the mist.
I didn't waste any time this year and headed straight from our last day of school to the coffee shop to  meet up with a friend. Yesterday friends came for soup and sandwiches and today I had not only breakfast with one group, but lunch with another friend girl.  So happy for that sweet time.
No time for rest after that first friend meeting as much had to be done for our children and grandchildren's Christmas on that Sunday.
Lots of good food and song, and laughs.  It must be a twin thing, because even  though their lives are no longer much invested in one another, Rae and Drummer Boy will inevitably fall back on a sarcastic humor they share, that still makes me laugh.  I love when someone pulls out the guitar and someone else sings.  We like songs that are not in keys we sing in I fear, but it is still music to me.
Drummer Boy questioned why I wasn't yet accomplished on the guitar myself.  I told him there needs to be a few weeks without a crisis of one sort or another and I will happily get right on that.

I absolutely love me some gramerlings in their Christmas best, with their hair spiked up or fashioned in some little springerly curls.  It was my joy to dress up my kids for the holidays.  So. Stinkin'. Cute.
 Someone must have shown this boy how to squeeze a bag to pop it open.  So instead of saying, "Help." He is squishing the daylights out of his fruit chews and saying, "Squeeze!"

 Lands, next year this boy will be as tall as his Dad.
 Giddy-Up looks like a ventriloquist doll in this picture.

 They felt the need for a little dance party, complete with the Limbo.

They were happy to find a new kind of building material under the tree.

Michael and the rest of us enjoyed his new beard game.

I thought this little Missy needed something monogramed. I know what it is like to be the caboose of a bunch of girls.

 I often find Bean with a kid or two and a book.  Ahhhhh.
 The kiddos are welcomed to spend the night. It is Jiffy-Pop, chocolate milk and my favorite Christmas movies.
  Giddy-Up is, well excitable and so thrilled to be having a sleep over.   Bean found knitting needles and yarn in his stocking. I told him that would be our winter project for later.  Bean wanted just a little lesson, so I showed him and in a few minutes he was knitting. Gee, wish it went that way in my classroom.

When Ceece arrived the next day, Giddy-Up said, "We're still having the sleep over." Mr. Smiley is snuggled up with his Chex mix and all his remotes and telephones that he packs around.

Of course, I always miss whoever is not present, and this party was no exception.  Life, amazingly wonderful with a splash of heartache don't ya know.


  1. My sweet Bean reading. He's so good with little kids. and he's already finished another knitting project, but sadly, I don't know how to cast on, so we are stuck!

  2. Well of course you needed a dance party! I love all the pictures -- stinking cute is right but I can't get over how quickly all of them are growing up. Time is going too fast.