Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas is Here

That's the song playing on Pandora this morning.
 I'm glad it's finally here and that tomorrow the celebrating, furious wrapping, cooking, baking and schlepping will be done for a minute.

These first Christmases, when a standard fixture is missing, are very strange.  Do you talk about them?  Do you paste on your face a smile for the little ones?  Yes, you do.
To make yourself feel a little better, do you do some sort of remembrance? I do.
 After mom gave up cooking, Auntie Glou (aka Glenda) took over as the potato candy maker.  Now that job has passed to me.
So here is Glenda's Christmas tray.
Even when it is the second, or third, or fourth, it is still strange.
 Kaye made the cheeseball, this particular kind of cheese ball.
That is the last gift she gave from her own hands, before the heart attack and all the awful that followed.  She made them for Rae's wedding reception.  She had black hair and gave me this sweet little card a very long time ago.  It usually hangs on my tree.
I didn't manage to get cards done this year, but here is my crew from our party last Sunday. The above are from the party we had at Mom's last evening.  Lots more pictures, but they will wait as I need to pack up for Mom's this morning.  Taking a turkey, pulling out the leftovers and opening her door to whoever needs something good to eat and someone to talk to today.
 The Christmas Eve service at church was so grounding for me.  I was tired, but I'm so happy I went. Hearing the scriptures, singing those carols that have been sung for hundreds of years, really celebrating the Savior, the candles and the bells,  renewed my hope of a better day.

For everyone who find this day a challenge and a heart break, I am sorry.  I hope peace, love, comfort and joy find you.

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  1. Merry Christmas a few days late. I have been behind in everything due to Christmas and all the insanity that comes with it. It was wonderful but I am glad it is over for another year.

    People don't understand that the holidays can be a struggle sometimes...