Saturday, July 25, 2015

What a Wrap-Up

After weeks of abnormal rain, high humidity and energy sucking heat, our last summer Playdate dawned bright and beautiful with a slight drop in temperature and huge drop in humidity.  I'm telling you, about as good as it gets in late July in this area.  Thank you Lord!
We packed as much fun as possible into our last long day.
Sometimes I feel like I'm still twelve. I have been teary for three days. Duh, I've been teary since my last Friday at school, when I left there for the hospital, not knowing what awaited me that next week and the days that have followed since losing my sister.
Last time I spoke of transitional objects.  I need to figure out to make that work for me.  I am just having the worst time with summer being over.
Our last day was Science Day and celebrating that little Bean who is going to be eleven.  What?  What in the world are you talking about. How can that be?
I tried a couple of new things for science,  and I just absolutely get my kicks and giggles from watching those brains work when they are given a few little items and plenty of time.  Love it!
So, we'll begin where we've started Playdates this summer, in the deep, dark woods.  These pictures are from last week.  I forgot to take the camera into the woods this past Tuesday. The big boys went off on their own.  The little girls had other plans, so it was the big girls and little boys building a fort.

They can recognize lots of the woodland trees.  Giddy-Up is happy to point out the multi-flora rose that likely grew over Sleeping Beauty.  Best of all, they each became "noticers"  and went in the woods looking for a new plant, a different tree and tracks made by a deer and her fawn.  Mission accomplished.
After changing to swim suits, we didn't waste anytime heading for that perfect creek- so cool, and clear and still moving.   And a popsicle in a crystal clear beautiful creek just increases the joy factor.
 We used foam noodles and duct tape to create boats.

 These baby boys had the best time, whilst Ms. Glitzy serenaded them with "Ebony and Ivory."
I will continue this wrap-up later.  It is early, not even 7am but duty calls.  I just needed a shot of sunshine.  The work at Moms continues and continues to be hot, dirty, long and hear wrenching.  At least now we are actually experiencing cleared rooms and paths, which should encourage, but one look at her brokeness tends to bust that bubble with haste.  Today is a hurriedly thrown together yard sale.  I've never done a yard sale in my life, but I guess  we'll figure it out.  Thankfully, I have siblings to help and the Handy Man and Cpt.,  along with Jordan and Ol' Mother Hubbard have lent a hand to get us this far.  Likely, I'll do my best to comfort Mom while Aunt SuZQ and Aunt Tish run the sale. 
Still praying for direction and peace for my Mom.  We could use your prayers too.
I'm off to the bank for some dollars in change.


  1. I do hope you got through Saturday and maybe made some money, too. I am sending you hugs and strength.

    1. Thank you. We are going to give it another go next Saturday and hopefully get enough to pay for the dumpster.