Sunday, July 5, 2015

Another 4th of July

Our one day vacation post 2 will be hijacked by the holiday.
My sweet longtime friend Andrea invited us to their new place for the holiday.  
What a fun time- music, fireworks and yummy country cooking from all the veggies coming in out of the garden and fellowship.

Gee, that's the third social event of our week.  I have lots of social of events, but the Handy Man, not so much. 
Last Saturday, Aunt SuZQ's grandson had their wedding reception.  Cutest, sweetest couple ever.  

And in between, we had supper with friends. Always love time with Shan and Cliff.

Speaking of the 4th.  This was something I came across that my sister, Auntie GLou wrote on a 4th of July a few years back.   That sister of mine wore every worry big and small of the world on her shoulders.  Your pain and mine were hers as well.  I have to tell you, this blessed me this morning.  I love picturing her laughing her head off.

precious fun day

Why I would think of that now is beyond me but thats what ricky always
 called amanda or said to her. I was thinking of our afternoon. 
Mother and I went to susy's and had a very simple quiet lunch. 
of course every meal she serves is elegant no matter how small,
 but it was so nice. fresh tomatoes off the vine which mother loved. 
corn on the cob and a bread that was very good.
 mom loves all the kids and grandkids and grt grand kids etc
 but she doesn't deal well with the big get togethers anymore. 
loves them but her nerves just can't handle it like before when she was running the big dinners.  
  since she had the stroke, her patience is taxed with the slightest change.
 We actually had time to talk and just enjoy eachothers company.
 I mended some dresses for a friend today and wednesday, 
kim came over and we made pillowcase dresses for the girls. 
they turned out really cute and she made the cutest bows for their hair. 
I'm told they all fit them and the girls love'em. they are all so precious. 
looks like I will have bekah and ben around the 10th. 
It will be good to have them around again for a little bit. another story. 
My brother took care of conner for a good while and conner enjoyed him a lot. jimmy, 
due to arthritis and other ailments sometimes gives a slight groan,
grunt or some little sound when getting up from the floor or chair 
and they noticed that conner was doing it. it took a minute to figure out 
what was wrong and there was nothing wrong. he was just doing what uncle jimmy did. 
such innocents is priceless. which brings me to another story.
 when adam was a little one, I was watching him while his mom took racheal to dance class.
 he asked why she went there. I told him "well, dance teaches you poise and control" 
his reply " I know about that poisoncontrol, my mommy has it on the fridgerator"
 I laughed so hard. they don't always hear what we are saying. 
how different through a childs eyes. prayers for all and good 4th of july

I so loved those little dresses.  More than once, 
she made time for something that was important to me.  
I'm so sad you had to be so sick and leave so soon. 

I will try to hold that laughing picture in my heart.

Hope you are all safe and sound this morning.
Take a big nap to catch up the sleep lost
from all the fireworks action.


  1. I had forgotten about the conner/jimmy groaning. Im glad she wrote it down. The pillowcase dresses turned out perfect. We still have Lilli's. <3

    1. Yeah, I still can see Conner lifting his wee leg with a great, "hmmph" to get over the two inch step-up between the LR and kitchen.

  2. How touching, thank you for sharing it. I do love the dresses and the girls look so young in them compared to the recent Fairy Ball pictures!

    1. I too so loved those little dresses. I guess that was the last project we worked on together.