Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Sorting We Will Go

A sorting we will go,
Hi, Ho the dairy- o,
a sorting we will go.
When I return from a long day of sorting at Mom's, it feels like that's about all I've done this summer.
But, I look back at just yesterday and realize there was more.
A floating we will go!
I will have to do Playdate in parts as it was a most busy time and something unusual actually, and wonderful.
All of this rain made the creek rise significantly, while at the same time churning and rushing and giving the kiddos a major, hot summer day thrill.  Antebellie exclaimed, "I think I'll remember this as the best day of life."  Bean declared that if was still like this next week, it would be his best birthday ever, then thought a bit more and said, "It's the best ever right now."  This year is PlayDate Summer # 10 and never has the creek been so perfect for floating and swimming.  It was so hot, that the cold rushing water was a treat.
I wasn't able to capture any of it up close because I had to hold Giddy-Up firmly, whilst trying to stay upright in the current.

At first he was content to stay close, but soon those kids walking upstream and floating down were having to much fun, he needed to join them.

 Pap has always entertained us with tales of using a five gallon bucket to pull him through the creek when it flooded. Mine used their minnow buckets.

It was Klub Kymbi afternoon, so you will notice some unusual hair color bobbing about.

Finally, Giddy-up was brave enough to let me hold his arms so he could float on down.

Mama was having a hard enough time letting me in the creek with the four year old. It was too cold and swift for this little sweetie.
 Thankfully, he just loves to roam and enjoys himself wherever he is.
 I imagine there was a puddle or ten up top to put his blue creek boots to good use.

No matter how carefully you plan, how much you spend,  Mother Nature sends you a gift of play like no other.  Thank you Lord for sweet blessings!


  1. What fun! I am so glad Amara doesn't read your blog or she would never be satisfied with play dates with me. That creek is just awesome! Love all the pictures. That little one just gets cuter by the moment! Love all the extra hair colors!

  2. No matter what kind of Playdate I planned it wouldn't suit Amara without her Grandma Kc.