Sunday, July 19, 2015


No surprise there.  Klub Kymbi is always a hoot with one painting nails,

and one spraying hair.

 Even the tiniest one got in on the action,

 and every kidlet trying their hand at some interesting make-up work.  Big time.

 Mercy, that is some blue blue now.
 Oh, also glitter tatts.

We're down to one last all day, or long day as Giddy-up calls it.  I go back to work Wednesday and I have to say I am so very sad to say good-bye to Playdates.  Of course, we continue every other week, but no way they can accomplish in an evening what we do on a long day.  Actually, I must return to my room tomorrow and try to get it in some sort of order before registration. Ugh.


  1. What fun and they look so cute with the colored hair! I should try that with Amara and her friends!

  2. As good as that girl loves color, she would enjoy it I'm sure.