Saturday, July 11, 2015

Develop a Standardized Test Question

I see, hear and read a lot of articles about the ridiculous questions that are sometimes asked on  standardized tests, like our ISTEP.  I thought this morning I would try my hand at developing one.  The difference- this is a real problem.
A woman lives for 86 years. She has seven children between 53 and 67, two husbands and several friends.  If she never throws away a birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Sympathy, Christmas, Thinking of You, Get Well, or Valentine card, how many cards does she have?
It's a perfect question because even the teacher (me) can't figure it out.
Part 2- If she also received personal letters, and saved school work, how will this change the answer?  Please show your work.
Yesterday was spent going through the pages and ages with Mom.  It took us four hours.
If you measure by tiredness of spirit, I believe this summer is the hardest I've ever worked.

With a little help from my friends, Playdate happened on Tuesday.  I had to meet Aunt Tish at the attorney's office at nine, so Ms. Glitzy and Rae-Rae, followed by Ol' Mother Hubbard, ran the show till I got back.  Love, love, love my girls.
Obviously, I brought the rain. It was the most drenched Playdate in our ten year history.  The kids weren't bothered a bit.  Me, by 7 o'clock I was exhausted, I could have collapsed  in mud puddle and fallen fast asleep.
Ms. Glitzy hauled them through the woods to find leaves and we finally got to paint our summer tee shirts, only four weeks late this year.

 Gee, if it weren't for his clothes I would have mistaken Giddy-Up for Baby Boy.

The kidlets decorated the backs of their tees with fabric markers.

 For whatever reason, I don't often get the best picture of my boys. I love, love this picture.

 Next, arrange the leaves just how you want them, then spray paint and hang to dry.

While I was orchestrating the arranging and spraying, the VET clinic opened, 

which always results in children also being bandaged, likely from the vicious animals they are caring for.  

This picture just cracks me up.

 And goes on to be a cornstarch powder chase in the rain.  No matter what I plan, I love how they find and make their on fun.

 My young men thought the rain was a good reason to wash the cars.
Later they all got into the car washing and have now decided to open a Playdate car wash. When I buzzed by Ol' Mother Hubbard's for an egg delivery later in the week the girls showed me the advertisements they were making.  So, if you need a car wash, be sure and come by Tuesday.

The rising waters in the big creek made me nervous, so we moved to the wee creek where the dam builders went right to work.  You can see the dam at the bottom.

Next week, Club Kymbi!  I would not mind some sunshine, and a humidity suck and while I'm asking, could the humidity and rain just be blown over to California, or whoever needs it?  Yes, please.

Prayers for wisdom and good answers for Mom are still needed and appreciated.
Now, I'm going to hurry and dash out into this very unusual morning. The sun is shining. Thank you Lord!


  1. A little rain never stopped a bunch of cousins from having fun. Love all the pictures and smiley faces! Your t-shirts are always so cute. And yes, I wish you could send us some of your moisture.

    1. Think if I go out and huff and puff and blow this rain, I can get it to you?

  2. I love those T-shirts! How fun!!! When my stepdaughter was that age, I was always looking for fun, creative things to do. She's 15 now and she'd roll her eyes at something like that. Just a reminder to enjoy these years! They seem to go too fast.

    1. They do fly. We try to roll them into the mentor roll as they get older. The oldest playdater is 14 and so far it's working. We'll see.
      Thanks. They might be my favorite shirts so far.