Wednesday, April 8, 2015


There's a new book out, a stick book with ideas of what to do with sticks.  I absolutely love books with great ideas to employ with my wee folk, but often I don't find much I haven't already tried.
My sweet Mr. Smiley already has this stick thing down.
We were able to distract him from his piece of wood for a   minute with colorful eggs, but soon he returned to his first love.

Time for my pipe.

This stick, of course you want it, but I'm not parting with it for those silly plastic eggs.

Can I play you a little tune?

Do not disturb me. I am meditating!

I'm serious, I'm gonna whoop your behind.

In his best teacher voice, "See, it is like this."

I'm ready to direct this orchestra.

Time to train the puppy.

That boy and his stick. All kinds of serious cuteness.


  1. That is one seriously cute little boy! I am so glad he has come into all of your lives! Love all the pictures and the captions are just great. Started my day off smiling!