Monday, April 20, 2015

Git Along Little Doggy

Better finish up that "Better Late than Never"  egg hunting. First, it was playtime on the last Playdate evening.  A little drumming.
 A little dress-up.  Uncle Jimi brought a new hat and Ceece brought a new scarf, that happened to to match the dress of choice perfectly.

 Time to hunt a few eggs.  Gee, he is so grown up.

 Gramerly contrived for a little Missy Mam to find a golden egg. She wasn't the least bit offended by the money she found inside.
 Lastly, a round of "Chase the Chickie Girls."

Mr. Smiley needed to pet the chicken.

Yesterday Bean, Giddy-up and Swee-Tee went with me to see our friend Nick in "Beauty and the Beast."  Giddy-up had never seen a play. He loved it and was perfect.  When, during intermission, he spied Nick's mom, Ms. Glitzy, he proclaimed, "Look, there's Nick's girl!"  We came back and enjoyed a few minutes of a brief appearance of the sun, then Bean and Bugg and I headed to a local theater to see "The Sound of Music" on the big screen.  It was fun to share that with them, as it has ever been one of my most favorites, though I'd never seen it on anything besides television.  I believed I answered 786 questions about WWII, Austria, Germany, Jews and the Von Trapp Family Singers. Sadly, somehow the settings on my camera were changed, and I do not have the pictures I thought I had. Well, I have them, but they are black. Fuss and bother.

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